Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Anastasis of the Poetry Quizard

Here comes the word wizard
Along a wicked blizzard
Cuz beneath this vizard 

Lies a soulful lizard
Who can Ed’t Izzard.

So better watch your gizzard 

And not be a buzzard 

Around that bewitched mazard
Nothing left to chance and null haphazard

What a thrill, man, what hazard.

He’s been slithered and withered
Has shivered and quivered
Years of getting bladdered and staggered
left him shattered and scattered.

Frittered and flickered, occasionally tittered
The mad grizzard still stood his ground and delivered
Now watch as he has glimmered and shimmered 
Look up! See him soaring not scissored.

Wonder if thy’ve just been jiggered?

*Poem written about my healing journey of recovery back to health after a full decade of leading a toxic lifestyle.

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