Thursday, 7 July 2016

I Kissed a Grandma... and I Liked It

While packing after last Sunday’s Drum Circle I was approached by an alluring gypsy-looking woman with a pretty face I have seen around before but never spoken to. “I love you,” she said. 

Well I love you too.

Your drumming, your energy, it’s just awesome,” she carried on. 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.”

We chatted about all sorts of stuff for 15 minutes before leaving the beach to the boardwalk. I played a little with the boys until the cops came and we had to wrap it up. 

I then asked her to go with me a little further to sit on the grass by the Walkway. And once again we got back to our random ranting: The significance of self-acceptance, our uniqueness as humans, finding purpose in life, how suffering strengthens us, how the universe is in one way mathed out yet filled with possibilities and probabilities. Also about how hugging, along Serotonin and Dopamine, releases Oxytocin — our love hormone — which in turn release cannabis-like molecules in the body.

Pretty interesting stuff to talk about with someone you just met. I can safely say that we ‘clicked’.

Patricia shared with me that she currently lives in Santa Barbara and has a 30-year-old son. She has had issues with some people in her life — who doesn’t — but is finally embracing herself. I sensed a subtle air of melancholy as I sensed she simply needed someone to listen. And that’s what I mainly did.

I couldn’t believe how young and vibrant the woman looks. Then again, age is simply a number and how we look is generally affected by how we think. As we laid there snuggling on the grass and sharing this intimate moment, the Fourth of July fireworks began in Santa Monica which we watched in peace. We hugged for a bit and then I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Another fifteen minutes, we got up, exchanged contacts, a few kisses, and promised to meet again sometime soon.

This heartfelt encounter was another reminder of how I tend to get along with older souls. It is certainly not the looks, even though the looks can also be quite appealing; but it is not what makes someone attractive. It is largely the personality. Whether you’re 19, 39, or 65, it’s how you handle yourself. You can be old at 19 and young at 70, remember that. Sexiness essentially stems from the mind, and it has a lot to do with confidence and energy.

That said, with a conscious personality, you are more likely to love yourself and consequently take good care of it. Hence also having a healthy, shining allure along with the healthy mind. 
When we feel good, we look good, too. We also age with elegance and poise. 

I believe that besides the conscious mind, what attracts me to older women is the experience. More experience means less confusion in the head, less helter-skelter, less hurly-burly; also meaning less insecurity and less malarkey. Mature women possess a certain degree of mental stability, which gives them an openness that affects how they interact with others. They are more confident, grounded, and know what they want from what they don’t. Being an ‘other’, I can pick up the energy of such mental state in a woman.

Many women in their 20s, even 40s and 50s, are still clinging to that confusion. They haven’t found themselves or fully blossomed — emotionally as well as mentally — which has a direct impact on their relationships with others.

Synchronistically speaking, just that very morning before the circle, I wrote “Seduce my mind and I’m yours” on my Facebook wall. This was a reflection I had written a few years back but only posted it then. And Patricia did seduce my mind with whatever we talked about. I found it worthy to sit, listen, and share such captivating ranting with her because her energy was inviting.

Lastly, as I was finalising this article I received a phone call from an unknown number. I picked up and it’s Patricia. I was glad she connected and we spoke for a while, during which I was mainly listening to her. Apparently that sweet lady is also a caring grandmother.


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