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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Italian Belly Dancer

After graduating from university, a good buddy of mine traveled to Sharm El Sheikh by the Red Sea for a few days with a common friend, B. On the third day they were at the beach and spotted a sexy blonde woman in her mid 50s lying on a chaise longue next to them. She was well tanned, small figured, had a toned body with D cups, and a pleasant face. She was also topless. After some brief thinking, my buddy just got up and headed towards her.

His pick up line was: Hey, I really like the colour of your toenails — they were light blue. Where did you get them from? I want to buy some as a gift for someone.”

Of course at the time, down deep inside, he knew it was all a game. And if a 22-year-old understood the dynamic of this game, then being in her 50s she would, and should, also know it.

They spoke for a bit and he found out where she's staying and that she's leaving back to Italy the very next day in the morning. He also found out that she's a belly dancer who comes to Egypt every year to attend the Oriental Dance Festival which takes place in Cairo. They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet later at night. Mission accomplished.

Back to the room, my buddy eventually got into the shower to get ready. Knowing how much this next endeavour-to-be is significant to his young mind, he thought he would discharge so he can last longer with the lady. And he did.

As agreed, they met in front of her hotel and walked around the city for a little bit before heading to Planet Hollywood, which was one of the few decent early outings in 2000 Sharm el Sheikh. They had a few drinks and started sexy dancing. He believes he had told her that he was 27 instead of 22. And looking older, she easily bought it. Later on that same night, she showed him a photo of her son, saying that he's the same age of 27.

In Planet Hollywood there was a group of people my buddy knew from University. They were common friends with B, who came to join them a little later. And as a fresh graduate, the boy felt pretty cool while sexy dancing with this Italian blondie...who was of his mother's age, if not older.

A few hours later into the night, they walked to her hotel and remained chatting for a while by the swimming pool. Then, she straightforwardly asked him:

Do you want to sleep with me?”

Of course.

Once in her room, they began passionately making out. A few minutes later, there was a knocking on the door. She was reluctant to answer at first, then she hid him in the bathroom and opened.

He could hear a manly voice saying
visitors are not allowed and her replying that there is no one here. We know there is a man here,” the voice insisted. Being Egyptians and knowing how these things work in hotels, my buddy decided to come out and try to talk it out. First, they spoke to him in English, then for some reason, he chose to reply in Arabic.

Can you imagine that in some parts of the world in this day and age it is illegal to be with the opposite sex in a hotel room, or any room actually,
yet you can be topless on the beach? How about gay people? These are highly confused societies, one must say.
Anyways, back to situation. Here they were, my buddy and the lady on one side of the door and the receptionist and a security guard from the other, insisting that he has to leave the room. There was nothing much to do, so he told her he'll call her and went out. The funny thing is that right then he saw the security guy bring a chair, place it outside by the lady's room door and sit on it. This is how serious they were about not wanting him to have a good time.

Knowing that the lady was leaving the next day, and him the one after, he knew this is a once in a lifetime experience. Even though this wasn
’t going to be his first one-night stand or with an older woman, but it was his first much-older woman. So he was determined to make it happen. This was around 1:00 am.
The logical solution was to call B in the hotel. The fact they are best buddies will sure make him gladly leave the room for a bit as the young man and the lady go finish their hanky panky. Again, these things don
’t happen everyday, and especially not in Egypt, so he was pretty confident that B would be happy to help out. Or so he thought. 

Hey B, this happened and I need to come to the room with her.

No, I
’m sleeping in bed, was the reply.

He repeated his request, yet the reply was again,
I’m already sleeping.

Uhh...why don't you roll one and smoke it outside by the time we finish?
He kept trying.

No, come in the room on your bed and say that I’m sleeping.

Dude, she's a grown woman,” he shouted in despair.  
When he didn't accept that last suggestion, B hung up the phone.

Now, between disbelief that his buddy would do this to him and his hormonal urges that are driving him forward, he knew he had to find a solution.

And then, the light bulb came unto him....

When he was chitchatting earlier with the lady by the pool, he saw that same group of friends he knew from university coming back to the hotel from their outing. When the staff came to the room asking him to leave, he could see them by the pool. So he thought that since they happen to be sharing the same hotel as the Bella, he could use their help.

He headed to one of their rooms, which was about four or five rooms away from the lady's room, and told them his dilemma. He then called her in the room and asked her to stealthily open the door's lock as the security guard was still sitting on the chair. Then, by divine inspiration, he told the boys to go to the guard and report that one of the girls from their group has lost some golden ring or earrings by the pool area.

As my buddy stayed in their room hiding behind the door, they went on with the brilliant plan. The security indeed got up from his chair and headed with them to the pool to inspect the area. And this when the horny boy got his chance. He ran while tiptoeing, slowly opened the door, went in and locked it behind him.

The room was almost all dark with only the bathroom light on. The Bella was in a white satin night gown showing her cleavage, and smelling of a sweet perfume. She welcomed him with a big fat juicy kiss. Little did he know that he'll only leave the room many hours later. There was so much pure lust in the air.

Que bueno, Que bueno, she would keep screaming as he filled her every hole. Her experience and eagerness to please him was indescribable. Her sex drive was equally insatiable. Every time they would cum together, and rest a little, she would begin again. Oral teasing, a LOTS of kissing and face licking (mmm), different positions, and of course he would get aroused. She had implants which was another first. So he let himself go with them. He does prefer the natural ones, but those D cups were right there for him to enjoy, and he did.

He ended up with three sweaty, phantasmagorical orgasms. Ram Bam thank you ma’am until the boy was drained — that’s in addition to the his earlier release. 

I think being their first and possibly last night together made them keep going like there is no tomorrow.

They exchanged more contacts and he gave her a last kiss before coming out of the dungeon. He found out then that it was already light out. The choice was to either exit the hotel using the quite beach entrance or use the main gate through the lobby area. He didn’t think much and headed straight to the reception with a huge grin on his face. What’s done has been done. Knowing the guy well, he must have clapped a few times too.

Since this was around 6 am and it was still the morning shift, so as he was passing by the reception he found the same receptionist AND security standing right there, staring at him in utter confusion.

Salamo 3aleikom,
he jocosely told them as he went through the main gate smiling like a victorious gladiator. He walked to his hotel in that early morning breeze and got into the room to find B sleeping... in bed”, as he had mentioned multiple times on the phone. However, the fuckers’ mood was so elevated that all resentment towards his buddy evaporated. In fact, he came in singing to him before he went to take a shower.

He really smelt like raw, unadulterated sex and his hairy body was covered in magickal fluids. Knowing that he was sharing a room with a guy who didn
’t have any like he did, a shower was a pretty good idea.

He still couldn
t believe how the night unfolded, but he was ecstatic. After that that expended energy, he was not sleepy. Though it was time to have a well-deserved breakfast at the hotel before going to bed...still smiling.

Him and Bella met a few times in the following years when she would come to Cairo for the Oriental Dance Festival.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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  1. As usual Great Story Omar, fast paced, full of excitement and suspense.
    I look forward to your next adventure with your incognito friend