Friday, 12 September 2014

Poème Tragique

Hated, ill-fated, x-rated

Labels in society are integrated

Two souls were isolated, segregated 

Mon n pop were kids when they mated

Some months then she was impregnated

He was miseducated, medicated, sedated 

She was young and manipulated when she deviated

Penetrated and Fornicated
All her short life humiliated, it never ameliorated

Alienated, from the streets she graduated

To hide the pain now she’s opiated, 
unconsciously intoxicated

When she met him she felt exhilarated

Thought emancipated, all her life reevaluated 

Things between them accelerated, she stated 

Their inner demons congregated and amalgamated

Unseparated, they were still kiddos, unilluminated


But then things got heated 
She felt cheated, defeated
Him, maltreated and mistreated



one day baby was irritated and nauseated

constipated not vaccinated

dehydrated, behind the door gated 

Mom n pop wasted till ambulated 

And the poor baby’s life was checkmated

Devastated and dissipated 

Would the kids now be liberated or annihilated?


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