Wednesday, 1 August 2018

OLS Reflections 60 — The Sensationally Fun Ones

  • Dare to be spontaneous. In the next few days or so.

  • It’s funny how some Facebook folks complain by addressing their words to presidents, police, banks, airline companies, TSA personnel while their privacy setting is on ‘Friends’. If they truly want to be heard and are not just venting or seeking attention, they should at least make it ‘Public’.

  • The teacher uses his pupils to watch them.

  • Whenever we say: “You’ll always be too much for certain people,” we’re actually just being the considerate. “Certain people will always be too little for you,” is the more straightforward, less smothering way of putting it. It’s not me, it’s you.

  • If I fancy you I will playfully ‘court’ you by throwing the ball, not chase you. What comes next depends on the response.

  • Have you ever thought about those people who clap when the plane lands? I’m not sure if it’s because their lives are so uneventful, they celebrate still being alive in such a way, or what exactly. But as a matter of fact, the odds of dying in a plane crash is one in 11 million; while our chances of dying in a car or traffic accident are a mere one in 5,000. True story. Imagine clapping to your taxi or Uber driver as soon as you reach the destination. “Outstanding job not getting us killed, buddy.” What makes it even more comical is that they think the pilot can hear them.

  • The four C’s of Life:

    Make a Choice to take a Chance, or your life will never Change and you’ll keep thinking of yourself as a Cunt.

  • During a special moment of receptive contemplation the word “Boredumb” came to mind. While I did find the word in the Urban Dictionary candidly defined as: When you get so bored, you turn stupid. My own definition goes the other way round: When you are stupid, you get bored.

  • If we are what we eat then some people are pussies, some are assholes, others are dicks, and then there are those who are all of these together.

  • Do you know that the current gender-neutral term for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas is “Sucrose-Glucose-Fructose Guardian”? 


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