Monday, 21 November 2016

StaYin Yang ☯

Life is a ride
Lets together glide

On foot, on bike, on train or plane

We are forever travellers throughout the mundane

Everything changes yet all remains the same
As Above so Below, here’s a gentleman and a dame

Must a human be humane
Or shall he be deemed insane?
Waters flow and realise it’s just a game
That the point is to be and not possessions or fame

We and Them are one, it’s not Versus it’s And
This, my friend, is where I can lend you a hand

Only if the dance is what you seek to understand
s no fight between the poles yet nothing is bland 

Look for depth, forget the eye candy cane

Who you truly are is inborn and inane

The chicken or the egg, who first came
“Follow thy Tao” the wise ones exclaim

Change is the only constant and all is new-brand
There is a grand plan yet nothing is as planned
Come join the band of our human Mother Land
Just command and your fire shall be fanned 

No more lame shame or blame
Rise above duality and embrace the Godliness name
For once you overcame and fully became 
No one has the power to tame your flame

Don’t drain your brain
No complain, disdain, or profane
Just like a hurricane this inner knowledge is arcane 
Tune in your membrane and see through like cellophane
Thats how we unchain and conquer new terrain

Nows the time to unframe 

Disclaim that stage name
Reclaim your Sir Name 

And that’s the whole aim
Of resetting our mainframe

Life is a ride
Flow with the ebb but embrace the whole tide

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