Saturday, 9 April 2016

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: A Woman, Her Girlfriend, and the Girlfriend's Friend

Before we begin our tenth story, I would like to share with you something amusing about these memoirs. I initially began writing them to lighten up on myself as well as on my readers. Not everyone is interested in psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics, so I gathered this kind of storytelling could bring a new audience to the blog.

By the sixth or seventh article I began noticing a pattern; a significantly low number of Facebook ‘likes’ — sometimes as low as four or five, on F.B and on here — yet a significantly high number of views, which I can see through the statistics — reaching hundreds of people.

People being drawn to sex and eroticism is nothing new. In fact, “Sex Sells” was one of the first lessons we learned in Journalism. However, the funny thing here is that some of those people may be embarrassed about their natural enjoyment and therefore they hide it. Hence not ‘liking’ an erotic article on the Internet so that the world doesn't know.

Humans are funny like that. Oh well, now back to debauchery.

In his mid-20s, my buddy met a fun young woman through work. They became friends before one day they let go and proceeded to shag. After meeting for two or three more times, another female appeared on the scene. She was an alluring European in her early 40s.

The new woman also worked with them and she became friends with my buddy's ‘friend’. One night, the two women had a third lady friend and they all went out together along with my bud. By the end of the night, it was the European woman's turn. Her and the guy went home together and had steamy sex.

After a couple of more meetings, the third friend, who was Asian and who happened to be the assistant of the second, reached out to my buddy. He sensed that she, too, wanted to get her share, so he invited her over — alone.   

After the action and as they were lying in bed, the woman got her phone out and snapped a photo of my naked buddy. He didn't give it much attention and thought that due to the complication of the whole situation, she would be discreet.

We're guessing that Ms. Asia must have shown the pic to her boss, because right afterwards the woman has totally changed towards my buddy. Despite remaining friends with the original woman, he never again spoke to the other two.

This was not his first time to individually engage in coitus with a group of female friends — we'll leave this for future articles. Yet, the series of adventurous events had certainly boosted his boyish ego and added him with some worthy experience.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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