Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lunacy — A Poem Written When I Was 19

When we talk
It’s just a flowing of words
When we think
It should be images and pics
Green, yellow, blue & pink
Who got the gold from the zink?

We live we see
It may look like a big fantasy
But who knows where it’s taking us
If it’s misleading, then it’s misleading us

We’re saying these words when we’re alive
I think we should all take a big dive
Into the unconsciousness we may survive
Each one will get a drive

To his own destination
There is some kind of relation
Confrontation, hallucination

Now I see they’re only letters
Like an apple tree losing its feathers

My head is filled with this and that
You know the cure, it’s my orange hat. 

I still have that Hat Madder


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