Monday, 14 September 2015

Coming Back To The Real — A Poem Written When I Was 19

Long before Facebook and social media, I used notebooks to scribble my squiggles. Now that I'm back home in Egypt for a visit, I got the pleasant chance to read them once again.

The following are words I have once written after experimenting for a few months with a magickal  Alexandria-made cough medicine called Codafein, which contained both, codeine and ephedrine.

I was too young to understand what opiates did or what withdrawals symptoms were. Yet, I could sense some gloominess and that I was not the same. So I expressed myself in writing.

I’ve already made the deal

I’m coming back to the real

Inexpressible is how I feel

Life is ugly and reality cuts steel

Long time has passed and it didn’t seem like it was a dream

My mind was far from Earth

It is just like giving birth
To a son for a second time
Orange meant funny, dollars meant dime

Minutes, seconds, and days have passed

I did believe it was a blast
Now the feeling is sad and the pain is worse
Maybe I need a shot from a red-headed nurse

No food no sleep, my thinking is deep
Just one step, maybe just a leap.


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