Thursday, 28 May 2015

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Nine-Months-Pregnant Woman

One night in his early twenties, my buddy was home when his friend M passed by with a woman who was a few years older. They first went to the balcony and made out, then M left the young woman with my buddy who was high as a kite.

The light was dim when they began making out on the bed. A few minutes later they were in full swing, though she kept a large gown-like robe on. My buddy then heard her say: “Baby.” He thought it's a little weird since she doesn't look that westernized, but didn't think of it much and kept going.

A minute later, she says it again: “Baby, Baby.” Then she went on top of him and kept bouncing. He was really out of it, but from what he remembers the sex was steamy.

He woke up the next day with the woman in his bed. He looked around the room to see a big handbag nearby. At some point, the woman got up and all of a sudden he finally sees it: She has an inflamed belly like she was pregnant. She confirmed his doubts by saying that she's nine months pregnant and expecting the baby anytime!

The dude was shocked. He didn't really swallow the whole things until she opened that handbag to show him that it's full of baby clothes — little towels and little socks and little everything. Because, she's expecting it anytime. Waow. A one-night stand with a delivering mother. That was a first.

Obviously the guy didn't want anything to do with this. What if her water breaks now and everybody finds out there is a woman giving birth at his place?

This is when “baby, baby” made sense. She meant to slow him down since there is a BABY inside of her belly. That is why she changed positions since it must have been more comfortable.

The mother-to-be then said she was hungry, since she's eating for two. Yeah, so very sweet! My buddy felt he had to feed her so he ordered some food. Once done with the meal, he kindly bid her — or them — farewell saying that he has stuff to do.

This remains one of his weirdest erotic encounters.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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