Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Beautiful Things Happen When You Are In Sync With The Universe

A couple of days ago the below transpired and I shared it on my Facebook wall.

“An amazing thing just happened. I went to Marina's Ralphs to get wine but couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I bought a bottle of vodka. Since I wasn't planning to buy anything other than the wine, which was going to be carried in their wine bag, I didn't bring my grocery bag as I usually do and was given a normal brown one.

Once home I got the bag out of the bike's basket before it suddenly brakes and the bottle falls to the ground, breaking into a million little pieces. One of them somehow reached my foot and I began bleeding. This may be the second or third in my entire life to drop a bottle of booze and break it, so naturally I was bummed.

Ten minutes later I decided to forget about it and go buy another one. Back to Ralphs this time with a bag, I got a new one and headed to the cashier. As I was waiting in line, I looked to the cashier on my right to find Sandy, a 60-something sweet black lady who works there. I needed to vent so I told her the story and showed her the tiny cut on my foot.

She asked if the bottle was closed as it happened, to which I said yes. She then took the bottle and my Ralphs card and told me to wait. Of course I had no idea what she could do about the whole thing. A minute later she comes back, puts the new bottle in this free colourful bag, and just hands it to me.

Happily surprised, I exclaimed: “Really? Waow.

You said the brown bag broke.

Yes, and there was nothing else in it.

I asked my boss and he said it's alright.

You know tomorrow is my birthday, so thank you for that lovely gift
,” I told her.

God Bless you.”

It's certainly not only about the $22, but it’s all about the gesture.

Happy Birthday to me and thank you, Sandy. Cheers.”

After this uplifting encounter, at night I ordered a pizza online from the local Italian place, C & O Cucina, and went to pick it up. Nikolai, the assistant manager who’s fascinated by the Pyramids and ancient cultures, was right there behind the counter as he usually is after 8:00 pm.

So as I waited for the pizza, I decided to share with him the story of Sandy and the vodka. Note that for someone who lives alone in his head as I am, you need human interaction. Writing isn’t enough for this storyteller, and I sometimes can’t help but blurt out stories and happenings and goofy jokes — pretty much to anyone who would listen.

They were two servers around the man at the time, a guy and a girl in their early twenties. And I could tell they wanted to listen, pretending to clean some glasses or arrange a nearby shelf in order to stick around. When I was done with the story, Nicolai agreed that good people do exist.

He then mentioned that for some reason the ‘system’ didn’t charge for the additions on the pizza (onions and olives) and they cannot add it now, so he asked if I happen to have $2 dollars. Having just left my place to pick up the pizza, I didn’t have any money on me; I offered to be back in a couple of minutes as I live right there. He then looked at me smiling and said: “I got you, man. Don’t worry about it. Happy birthday.

Oh thank you, brother. What a magnanimous pre-birthday that is. 

Yesterday it got even weirder. Since it was THE day, I thought I’d pamper myself and have sushi for dinner. I went to the beach for some sunset meditation where I snapped the featured photo among others. Once back home, I ordered from the place right across the street then went to pick it up.

Right next to it there is a cozy little wine bar called South End, which I had checked a few times. I believe I went there once a couple of years ago one afternoon with someone. But since then I never went back even though it’s a minute away.

As I was waiting for the sushi, a beautiful girl just went into that bar and I could hear music being played. I looked at where David is standing behind the counter of the sushi place but the order wasn’t ready yet, so I thought I’d go in for a glass of wine. It was my birthday anyways.

I opened the door, spoke to a friendly guy, saying that I live across the street but have never been inside; and because today is my birthday I’m here to have a glass of rosé. He kindly wished me a Happy Birthday and told me to sit anywhere. The place was pretty busy with people drinking and eating. There was a also a guy with a guitar who was singing live.

I took a seat next to the singer before the wine was served. All in all it was maybe a little more than 10 minutes, during which I clapped twice before heading to the bar to pay. I asked the smiley plumpy waitress for the check, but she looked like she is new to the place and it took her a coupe of minutes to sort it out. Then the manager I have spoken to at the beginning showed up. He gave me my card back, once again saying Happy Birthday. I thanked him and promised I’ll be back soon, shared a smile and a fist-bump with the guitarist, and left.

Right then and there as I was picking up the sushi, all three situations just flooded my mind. I truly couldn’t believe that these synchronistic events did happen in such a short time. Not only did I receive 22 + 2 + 12/13 = $ 36 from mere strangers, but I also realised that with these recent “meaningful coincidences” the universe is offering me a subtle inner guidance while somehow showing me that I am indeed where I need to be.

Shine On.

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