Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Girl Who Wouldn't Share Toilet Paper

One of the weirdest thing I have encountered when sharing homes with strangers those last couple of years happened with a 23-year-old girl from Chicago. We were sharing a bathroom and when she arrived there was about six and a half rolls of toilet paper. She was supposed to come alone with her dog, but she surprised us by arriving with her mother, her sister, and the mother's dog, plus her own dog... all crammed in one small bedroom.

She explained that the mother — and her dog — and sister will leave in a few days. Fine, we're peaceful dudes after all.

Naturally, sharing the bathroom with three women resulted in that the toilet paper, which lasts me personally for 35 days, was annihilated in about 12 days. When the last roll was in use, I was expecting that they would buy new ones. But it didn't happen. For two days there was no toilet paper!

Then when the mom and sister had left, I saw her one day coming back with a six-pack, which she kept in her room. A little later that day, I found a new roll on the dispenser. I thought great, problemo solved. She was just a couple of days late.

That night I went to the bathroom to pee and the new roll was right there. I woke up in the morning and magically it was gone. The dispenser was once again empty. What!

For a brief instant, I thought that must have been a dream. Then I remembered seeing the girl earlier coming in carrying the new toilet paper. Hm. WEIRD.

Later that day I met her in the hallway, so I just said it: “We're out of toilet paper, so... .”

Oh, I have my own in the room.


I always wonder what happened to this kind of people when they were young to become like that.

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