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Funny Drug-Related Stories 2

After last week's Funny Drug-Related Stories, here is more jollity. Being 4-20 today, it's a highly convenient occasion to share this sequel. So Happy 420, Lucky Souls!

1- Brothers i̶n̶ ̶L̶a̶w̶ 

When I was 20, some friends and I went on a camping trip to the Western Desert Oases of Egypt. One was my age, plus his brother-in-law and a couple of other friends. The three guys were about five years older than us and were experienced campers, which means they were the ones driving and had all basic equipment.

 I only had my cameras and some other vital enhancements.

They were in two cars when they passed by me at around 4 a.m. As we were loading my stuff, my buddy came whispering in my ears: Look, we can smoke and drink all we want in front of his brother-in-law, but let’s keep the roofies between you and I. I agreed, before we shared a couple of pills. 

We began the trip and happened to stop somewhere else not far away from our starting point, maybe to put gas. This time, it was the older brother- in-law who came to me and discretely said: 

Listen, we can smoke and drink in front of [his own brother-in-law] but let’s keep the roofies between us. Sure, man.

This was getting amusing. 

The brother-in-law was driving the four-wheeler, my buddy next to him, and I’m enjoying the backseat to myself. Music on, beers open, and yeah. Adventure Mode: Beast.

And then, a while later — an hour or two through — I was woken up by the two guys. “Omar?”

I open my eyes to find them both looking back at me and there is a huge piece of tile right in between the seats with two kick-ass lines on it. Mid my daze, it took me a few seconds to register what’s going on. Looking around, I could see that we're off-road in the desert and the sun was about to shine. So I peacefully smiled, proceeded to take the roofies, and then told them about what just happened.

Apparently, i
t took them one hour on the road to open up to each other and come clean about what they had in mind for the trip. Only to discover that what they had in mind was the same. So the in-law part was dropped and they become true Brazars!

We had an amazing few days surrounded by Nature, bathing in hot springs and sleeping on the sand.

The featured photo on the tracks is from that trip, which was 18 years ago. Waow. 

 2- I Am You and What I See Is Me

A year before when I was 19, I was in L.A for the summer and I happened to go to a 24-hour illegal outdoor rave in San Diego. I had experimented with pretty much everything by then, except LSD. So I told a relative of mine who has done it before, and he told me that this rave would be it.

We got there and started by taking one tab for $5. A bit later we took MDMA, then another gel tab for $7. He said that the first one was not that strong, so this to make sure that we'll go there.

There was about 5000 people and I had a blast. W
e stayed for 12 hours then the next morning we got into our car and headed back to L.A, still tripping but somewhat in control. I went home and bumped into two Mexican girls who were my neighbours at the UCLA dorm. I told them about my trip so they suggested that we all go to Venice Beach. 

As we were walking on the boardwalk, each girl holding one of my hands, I see a guy coming towards me. We locked eyes for a moment and then something happened. After looking away for a second, I couldn't help but to look again; and at the same instant I did that, he was also looking at me.

After we had crossed each other, I felt an irresistible urge to turn around and look at that stranger one more time. So I did, and as I was turning my neck, I could see him do the exact same. Of course I had no explanation, but I was mesmerized by the eerie connection with that mere stranger.

This was Sunday noon and Venice is usually pretty busy by then. However, it didn't stop me from checking the mysterious man one last time as I turned around and jumped. To my pleasant surprise, he was jumping and turning around to look at me as well. And then we parted ways.

This experience has left me startled. Who is he? What happened? Could he be tripping too? The girls looked at me, trying to understand, but I knew it was beyond them. There was nothing for me to explain.

Being new to LSD, I felt so weird at the time. I thought I may be losing my head, so I left the girls in some store and went to the bathroom, only to find myself tearing up. I stared at myself in the mirror for a while, washed my face, then went back to them.

I already knew Echoes by then as I was/am a great Pink Floyd fan. Though I never made the connection between my experience and the lyrics until one day afterwards when I was listening to the song and BAM!

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me
And do I take you by the hand
And lead you through the land
And help me understand the best I can

So this happens to other people too? Sweet.

After that whenever I’m tripping and happen to lock eyes with a stranger in such a sentimental way, I instantly know that he’s one of ‘Us’ — whatever ‘Us’ means. As for Echoes, it remains one of my favourite songs ever.

3- Madmen 

After drinking Hysacamus muticus (Sakarana) in Sinai one day then eating a couple of leaves the next one, my friends and I tripped for about 30-something hours. Yeah. It was a heck of a dangerous trip, yet we made it out alive. There are many things that happened then which we can now call funny.

One of them was when a friend fell and injured his head then was taken to the hospital. The guy was in another world and he happened to entertain the whole floor by insisting on rolling imaginary joints in the air. When the nurse came closer to see what he was doing, he gave her his back and said ‘sorry’ [that he's rolling in bed]. Then when the Head Physician came to check on him, he thought he was one of his dad's friends and called him ‘Uncle’. Hilarity ensued.

This is the full story in addition to the research I have done later: Surviving the Madness of Sakarana — Hyoscyamus muticus.

Farafra Oasis, Egypt - 2004

4- “ODing on Weed...Again

15 full years after the first encounter when my cousin “OD’d on weed, it happened again with another buddy. This time we were in our mid-30s and I was in Canada when an old friend came to visit.

Obviously he is not a smoker, yet he occasionally has a few puffs here and there. The first time we met in Toronto, he took a few hits and things went fine. Then a week later we did it again he probably smoked a little bit more than that first time. Also, Canada's greens is much stronger than the hash he experimented with in Egypt.

With that in mind, after about 10 minutes I could see his face becoming slightly pale. I might have seen it coming, though I didn’t say anything. He rushed to the kitchen and began drinking water, then juice, then proceeded to swallow several spoonfuls of ice cream. A couple of minutes later, he finally told me that he doesn't feel well.

As usual, I remained calm as I should be. I went to the kitchen to get him more juice and this is when I heard the door opening. I rushed out to find him standing in the corridor in front of the elevator and holding his heart.

“I need to go to the hospital, he paranoidly said.  

Thinking in my head “Oh Boi, Not Again,” I smiled and told him that he only took a few hits and that he'll be fine pretty soon.

Don't worry, man, it’s me. I won't give you anything that would hurt you. Just wait here, I’ll close the door and we go down take a walk, I comforted him, even gave him a hug.

I now know how breathing properly, fresh air, and changing location can usually do wonders in such cases. So we did just that. We took the dog and walked to a nearby supermarket where he can get distracted. A short walk around the building for 15 minutes then we went back to the house.

He was relatively fine by then, still a little pale though.

This was when my ex-partner was going to pass by. He was kind of reluctant that she sees him in such a state. But I convinced him that he's already fine and that she's totally cool.

Later on when he snapped out of it, he told me that it was paranoia. He had big family-related things in mind at the time and the ganja just made him feel helpless for this one hour, which freaked him out since he lost control of his mind. He's not used to losing his mind, and that's why he worried.

A couple of weeks later, we met again and he still had a few hits and was completely fine. 

5- Almost Busted While Spray Painting on Acid

After that San Diego rave, my growing fascination with LSD resulted in wanting to share the experience with my close friends. One of them was the same cousin who had “OD’d on weed in Part 1.

About a couple of years after that incident, him, a third friend and I happened to be on acid one night in Cairo. It was my cousin
’s first trip and I was the one in charge. The dose was nothing too much, maybe a couple of hits for myself and one for each of them.

All went smooth then we decided to take a spin late at night. At the time, I had a can of orange spray that I was keeping in the car. We stopped somewhere by a tunnel and began spraying on the wall. I remember a smiley face and a Fido Dido who kind of looked like our third friend.

Mid the fun, a police vehicle passed by and stopped. I was holding the spray in my hand and as they came right next to us, I just threw it on the ground. You know, as if it
’s not mine. As if I just happened to be standing next to a freshly painted wall and a spray can.  

They took a look in the car and inspected the tapes I had. They tried to compare them with whatever we painted on the wall. I believe they thought we might have been satanists, which was once a hot potato of a topic in 1990s Egypt.
What are you doing? asked the officer.

I decided to philosophize. Well, you know it’s Thursday night (the weekend) and there is nothing to do. You know, all the outings are packed and everywhere is busy. So instead of getting bored we thought of playing a little bit.”

The man gave me a weird, unimpressed look. “You know this is vandalizing, right? He asked, I can easily take you to the station.

I was then interrupted by my cousin: حضرتك احنا ولاد ناس .

Welad nas in Arabic literally translates into “children of people and it usually describes those who come from good families and background. So what my anxious cousin was politely telling the officer is that we are good, well-behaved kids. He also told him that the three of us live on that same Nile street — as a proof that we are Welad nas.

The officer and I spoke for another couple of minutes, during which we were interrupted again by my cousin...twice.

حضرتك احنا ولاد ناس

After the last time, the officer looked at the guy and almost shouted:

يعني احنا ولاد كلب؟

So we are the children of dogs?

Eventually they let us go. The orange drawing on the wall stayed for maybe seven or eight years afterwards and it was a fun reminder of that night. 

Stay tuned for more Funny Drug-Related Stories. There are still many.


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