Friday, 26 October 2018

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Every now and then on One Lucky Soul an article like this comes along. It seems more like 
something you would share with a friend over a coffee, or in the office during your colleague’s smoke break, or even over the phone with your besty. But since I don’t do any of those things, and since the last nine years were spent far and away from almost everyone I ever knew, I take to writing.

Four years ago I got to know a nice guy from the Venice Beach Drum Circle and as with many others from there we became friends. This includes Facebook and Instagram. One recent day it occurred to me that I haven’t seen any of his posts lately; when I checked both their profiles they weren’t there. So I assumed he deactivated them for a reason or the other. I genuinely asked the rest of the group about him, if he’s alright; to which I was told that he is indeed available online. Long story short, I had been blocked: On Facebook and Instagram — I didn’t even know the latter was possible. 

This was quite the surprise knowing that nothing happened between us. I’m currently in Egypt, so by nothing I mean no fight and even argument online. I kept thinking why would that person just wake up one day and block me, on both platforms, but haven’t reached any convincing possible reason. 

You see, blocking is not unfriending. It’s like you really don’t want anything to do with that person online, ever again; as if they do not exist. It’s odd when it happens between those who knew each other well and got along. Why allowing anyone get you to this point of blocking is still beyond me.

When going back with my memory, I recall saying in a comment in our last online interaction: Some of our fantasies are there so we can make them happen. Or something general and philosophical along these lines. So again, no argument, and not even a confrontation, like say The Ashram Sweeper Who Blocked Me on Facebook or even Blocked by an Anonymous Facebook ‘Friend’. Undoubtedly nothing. I wonder what went through his mind. Actually to this day my psychophilosophical mind remains quite curious to decipher such behaviour.

Another possibility is that he’s a rather shy man who gets nervous to make eye contact with strangers; also when people use profanities, even online. So maybe, just maybe, my free-spirited, often comical statuses about sex and orgies or maybe even full articles about spicy topics are too much for his virtual existence. But what a drastic reaction that is — especially for someone in his 50s. I truly have no idea.

I am walking in the street and there I see a young women I’ve known since childhood coming towards me. She unnaturally kept looking at the ground as she walked pass me. I didn’t stop or say anything and just kept going. It’s been years since we last saw each other, so I was reluctant to act and the whole thing was too fast. An hour later I wrote her a candid private message on Facebook asking if it was her. Ten days later, and still no reply, none, not even ‘seen’; even though we all know that it could have been read anyways. Thing is, she is active and not like offline or away from Messenger.

Between both happenings, as you may have known, I flew to Los Angeles only to be stopped by Homeland Security and interrogated and searched like some kind of criminal. And even though my U.S visa was still valid for two full years I was denied entrance because I have been in the country for too many times in those last four years. Not only that, but I am not allowed to be back for five years; however this could be waived. So I did nothing illegal, yet was still punished because… I don’t know: The system is screwed. Now more than ever, of course.

As with almost all experiences I go through, a full piece about that nightmarish experience — which I am mid finalising — is due. So stay tuned. 

Oh well, it remains almost impossible to know what people think or why they act in certain ways, especially with us, and especially those we think we know. Because we tend to assume. Life, however, does go on. At the end, our actions reflect who we truly are; people’s interpretations of them reflect who they truly are. I guess the best thing to do when dealing with such instances is to just smile and say, Hmmm.


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