Friday, 26 August 2011

When The Puppies Ate The “Chocolate”

Since I was a kid and storytelling had always been a source of great joy. Later, this was complemented with a love for languages and a way with words. When I started One Lucky Soul, everything was new to me and I had no idea what to write about or who I was “speaking to”.
So when the puppies ate the “chocolate”, I thought why not share the merry story with the virtual world.

The following is one of the first writing posts on the blog, straight from the depths of the OLS archives. Enjoy...


Yesterday the eight-months-old King Charles Cavalier puppy ate the last piece of smokable “chocolate” I was keeping to enjoy after a long day. It must have fallen at some point around the house, but I didn't see it and kept looking like a mad man, a certified one — not believing that I really lost my last chunk. And it's quite rare up here in Canada.

When I finally headed to the kitchen, I noticed how the female pup was the only dog out of the four who wasn’t moving towards me in excitement as they all religiously do during dinner time. But instead, she had her butt on the floor and looking at me in some kind of daze. So I figured that she might had eaten the “chocolate”.

After more observation, I notice that the poor pup couldn’t really stand. She looked as though she was hammered, which may seem amusing for an instant. Yet, one couldn’t help but feel a tad bad for her and wonder what’s happening to her little mind. The thing is that she is a runt and smaller than average.

Her in a much more sober moment

However, this wasn’t the first time the loca bitch ingests some cannabis. A few months back, she ate two Mary Jane Js while she was being taken care of by my ex-partner’s colleague and had to be taken to the hospital. So in only eight months, this K9 pup stoner already has some highstory. 

Knowing that this piece was quite small, I wasn’t too worried, unlike my ex.

After all, the young dog of a dear friend of mine once ate a quarter of a coin of hash — a coin in the Arab World is from 4 to 4.5 g —and a few hours later he was fine. Though my friend called the vet who recommended Flagyl, also known as Metronidazole, which is a multi-purpose antibiotic often used in the treatment of dogs. 

As for us, we just kept the puppy close for the night. I couldn’t help but to keep looking at her stoney face with certain envy. I was the one who was supposed to be looking like that!


The pup woke up fine and the day went on until food time. Once in the kitchen, it was the male King Charles puppy who wasn’t approaching his food like he always does; in fact, he’s usually in such a hurry, that I need to calm him down before he starts his speed feeding. But today he had that familiar look. Aha. He actually looked pretty much like his sister just 24 hours ago.

WTF! Is it contagious? Did he find another piece today? Did he eat some greens? Hm, gotta be sure. In a matter of 30 seconds I knew he was intoxicated.

The one and only logical explanation is that his sister must have vomited the ‘piece’ and he ate it.

Bingo, inspector Clouseau.

Sober moment for the boy

So for the second night in a row we’re baby sitting a stoned pup. Before bedtime I took the boy out for a walk to get some fresh air. Since it works with paranoid humans, it might as well work with dogs.

When the pup finally pooped, I took a fallen leave and broke the stuff with sincere precision, trying to find any solid bit. I felt as though I was chopping some cocaine with a green credit card. However, there was nothing...yet. Like his sister, it will probably take half a day to a day to come out. 

Once done with the poop inspection, I hoped that no one from the neighbours had seen me mid action: The guy had totally lost his mind and now he’s snorting lines of dog poop on the pavement.

This time it was the boi who spent the night on the bed.
 While trying to sleep, I wondered if this will be an ongoing process: Maybe he’ll puke the “chocolate” tomorrow and his sister will swallow it again, get dopey for a while, and then puke it once more only to be re-eaten by him again...and so on. 

Well what about me? It was my piece after all and I’m the only one who didn’t end up with droopy, nodding eyes.

Damn you, Hippy Dippy Dogs.


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