Thursday, 23 June 2016

Words I Made Up — The Threequel

What to say, it seems that I can’t stop. It is like some kind of lexophile syndrome. But I love it and many of you enjoy the creations as well.

After previously waking up with Jalapeñonated and Amoonwalk in mind, this time it was ‘Circumbobulate’, which I found scribbled on my dream notes. I can now confidently say that my subconscious and I are teaming up and it is sincerely helping my waking reality. So here are more newborn words.

  • Circumbobulate (v): To confuse someone by running around them in circles. 

  • Karatechi (n): A form of unarmed martial art practiced exclusively in Pakistan’s largest and most populous city. 

  • Bro-mo (n or adj): When guys get together for drinks and end up acting slow.

  • Transparent (n or adj): A transgender mother or father who are frank and direct. 

  • Condominion (n): A building or complex of buildings in which servile followers reside. 

  • Aproptimism (n): The practice or ideology regarding that which is suitably optimistic.

  • Bonniefied (v): To look like a genuinely attractive Bonnie Tyler.

  • Baccalàrat (n): A dried, salted fish that likes to play cards, usually in casinos.

  • Medievil Times (n): During a profoundly bad epoch.

  • Weekileaki (n): Journalistic organisation that publishes weekly secret documents dedicated to Arab women.
  • ويكيليكي: منظمة إعلامية دولية تنشر تقارير سرية مخصصة للمرأة العربية

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
― Rudyard Kipling


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