Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Words I Made Up — The Sixquel

Following through with the Words I Made Up series, this is number six.

  • Tittielate: Stimulate or excite a woman’s boobs.

  • Boredwalk: A walkway or promenade, typically along a beach, where people who lack interest go to unoccupy themselves. 

  • Attribeauty: The quality or feature of being pleasing and attractive.

  • Entitty: A being or life form with a perfect set of boobs.

  • Artichoke: Strangling someone in a stylish manner. 

  • To Yo: Like Fro Yo but it’s mainly eaten on the go while heading somewhere.  

  • Dartagnan: One of the Three Musketeers who had a secret, and rather odd, habit of throwing small missiles at circular boards fixed to the wall. 

  • Felicitation: A quotation from a book, or author, expressing congratulations or praise for an achievement.  

  • Go-bro: Action cameras specialised in capturing the stupidity of male friends; it has a “Bro-mo” setting which allows it to film the times when the guys drink too much and start acting slow.  

  • Adepth: A person who is skilled and proficient at digging profoundly deeper than the rest.

“For last years words belong to last years language. And next years words
await another voice.”
― T. S. Eliot


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