Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Creative Upcycled Furniture

Beekeeper Hagar Pundak upcycles old beehives

Back in the days people used to fix things around the house. They would then create new items
out of the old. Not many people still do that. Now most of us find it more convenient to just
buy new stuff which replace the old. However, ingenuity and creativity are contagious. So just
by glancing at others’ creations can indeed inspire us to innovate, in this case, by upcycling
our own furniture.

As previously shared in Wooden Pallets Creative Upcycling, upcycling is a relatively new
term (1990). So let me once again briefly explain the difference between it
and recycling.

Recycling, as we know, is processing used materials into new materials. Whatever we throw away
in our garbage from glass, metal, plastic, and paper is taken to recycling plants to be made
into reusable products. These products are normally of lower quality than what they were before
being recycled. The process is not really something the average man can do himself or at home.

Upcycling, on the other hand, is defined as the process by which waste materials or useless
products are converted into new materials or products of better quality and/ or a higher
environmental value. Unlike recycling, the material itself isn't broken down and it doesn't
lose its quality in upcycling; it may be reworked, reconstructed, or used differently. Though
the essence of the material remains the same.

Enjoy the following kool re-designs as well as check the Bookshelves collection for more.

Not your usual every-day item, but this table made of a Boeing 747 Jumbo-Jet engine is
still quite something.


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