Tuesday, 15 May 2012

5 of the World's Most Beautiful Fountains [Videos]

The Vortex Fountain 

This cleverly built vortex water sculpture, titled Charybdis, is a work by William Pye which constitutes his largest water sculpture to date. It is made of clear acrylic polymer to achieve transparency.

The Belagio Hotel Fountain

The most well known and easily recognized fountain in the world which has been shot in a number of famous movies, such as the original and the remake of Ocean's 11.

The Crown Fountain

Crown Fountain is an interactive work of public art and video sculpture featured in Chicago's Millennium Park. It is a popular subject for photographers and a common gathering place. While some of the videos displayed are of scenery, most attention has focused on its video clips of local residents; hundreds of Chicagoans visit the fountain hoping to see themselves appearing on one of
its two screens.  

The Han Bridge Fountain

This beautiful bridge fountain is located over the Han river in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. As you can well imagine, it is a major tourists attraction.  

 Dubai's Dancing Fountain

The world's tallest fountain can be found in Dubai mall, UAE. It is also one of the most beautiful fountains in the world.  


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