Monday, 28 August 2017

Some Animals I Shot

Talk to your animals, they listen. And if you’re attentive and listen closely, they’ll talk right back. 

After Some People I Shot, here is the sequel. Due to my ecclesiastical love for all animals, especially doginos, most are captures of them, some cats, and then a random selection of other creatures I came across along the way. Oh, and a tortoise in a knitted shark fin suit right in the middle of the Venice Beach Drum Circle — just when you think you’ve seen it all. Other than a few earlier ones taken in Egypt, the rest was either shot in Canada or the U.S throughout the past 12 years. Enjoint.

I won some award with this one when in University


Some People I Shot

World Art Through My Lens

A Dieu Caramella

Training a Gentle Giant

Things I Wish All Dog Owners Would Understand

Why Cats Are Not Dogs

When Lady Ran Away

When The Puppies Ate The “Chocolate”

The Most Loyal Dogs in History

Animals That Are Not To Be Confused

Tripping Through Venice Beach Art

The Phenomenal Getty Villa in Photos

Photos I Shot That Brought Tears To My Eyes

Echoes From The Past — Alexandria in Photos
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