Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why Some Women Point Their Feet When Aroused

Whenever writing about a heavy topic or scattered between multiple pieces, I sometimes let myself drift. First, as a break. Second, to stir up the creative juices, which helps with any blocks. And finally, just to see what happens. I still write, but the topics end up being of a more light-hearted nature, allowing some balance into the equation. The following article was inspired by a lustful and stimulating recent encounter.

Have you ever noticed how some women sensually point their feet and toes like a ballerina whenever they’re aroused? Some of us did wonder about this appealing form of body language, which many men have a fondness for. For them, it’s a clear indicator that the women are truly into it. Let alone how it seems to be associated with femininity and seductiveness.

Being a personal turn-on I was curious to know more. And as usual, bless the Internet: The questions and answers are found right there on various websites and forums. 

Let me first state that feet-pointing is not to be confused with another sign of heartfelt sexual arousal, toe-curling. Pointing involves stretching the calves muscles while extending ankles, feet and toes forward. This appears to be more natural, elegant, and graceful than the out of control, seizure-like clenching and curling. Nevertheless, a toe-curling orgasm remains highly sought after.

But in fact, feet/toes pointing is not solely linked to sex or porn. For it goes deeper than that as it’s related to beauty and aesthetics. It is actually seen in photographs of nude or sports models who almost always do it in order to appear more appealing and desirable. The main reason the feet are pointed is because it makes the leg looks longer, hence younger and more attractive.

Essentially, this “beauty standard” is why high heels exist in the first place. It is also why women still wear them even when they clearly aren’t that comfortable.

It is worth nothing that feet pointing is not a female-only phenomenon. Some males, too, experience it during sexual intercourse and while orgasming. Though among men, toe-curling remains more common than the ballerina-like pointing.

During sex, this feminine “en pointe” as it’s called in ballet terms is usually seen when women are feeling ecstatic and almost out of control. One position displaying the feet’s curved arches with toes pointing forward is when they are lying on their backs with legs up and apart whether straight-out open, over the shoulders, or with knees bent inward while resting on the partner’s back. Another is when lying flat on their stomach with bent knees and upwards calves and legs.

Pointed feet do not show much when lying down with full body straight on the bed as there is not enough space for the feet to stretch. As for being on all four, it is not the easiest position to lift the calves, but not impossible.

While it may differ in degrees, women point their feet during penetration, while receiving oral sex, as well as while masturbating. 
And what a delightfully erotic sight that is.

It makes you want to suck their toes, which makes them point them even more,” wrote one commentator. It actually does. 

I seriously thought I was the only guy alive that had this, man. I’m actually kinda relieved I’m not the only one,” wrote another.

Nom Nom Nom and a big juicy Thank You for the inspiration

In general, gestures with our feet are a powerful form of body language

. It is no wonder that many are drawn to feet as they find them particularly sexy. Also that foot/toes jobs, freaks, and fetishes exist in abundance. In actuality, foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.

As you may have guessed, foot fetishism is more prevalent in men than women. Perhaps the very fact that women’s feet are usually soft and smooth and more beautiful looking — even more lickable, suckable, and edible — has something to do with it. Or plainly, perhaps because men are natural perverts. 

While women feet get lots of attention, their legs as well get their fair share. Why Japanese Females Have Bowlegs is an earlier piece which surprisingly became the most read on One Lucky Soul.

As there is no one single answer to why women point their feet when sexually excited, a suggested idea is that it has to do with the tightening of the muscles; either during intercourse — when enjoying it — or right before and/or while achieving climax.

According to some women, it helps them reach a better, more intense orgasm. So they learned how to point their feet as they get there.

Others mention that they cannot cum without stretching their muscles; and when the leg muscles are stretched, the ankles, feet and toes naturally point forward. It occurs either consciously or subconsciously. 

A second theory is “spinal stimulation”; as a reason to stimulate blood flow to the lower body and genital area. Though there is no real evidence to support it.

An additional possibility is related to aesthetics. Perhaps women who do point their feet/toes during sex have already
considered how they look without pointing them and are aware of the gained allure. Think of how flat, non-pointed feet with no arches would look like in a ceiling mirror above the bed when all is showing are flat heels. Not as feminine or seductive. Based on prior observation, it could have stemmed from a premeditated conscious decision. 

Not all women are toe-pointers. While for some the feet and toes remain unaffected by sex, the opposite occurs for others who show sloppy non-pointed feet — which again does not seem to be particularly sexy.

Having always been a fan, over the years I came to observe a correlation between how sensual, provocative, and physically fit the women are and the likelihood of pointing their feet during intercourse. The healthier and more flexible and sexy, the more likely they will do it. Believe it or not, this is only mildly related to the body weight and type.

 A lot of it got to do with the mindset. A reminder of the fact that the whole essence of being sexy lies in the confidence coming from knowing that you indeed are.

As we have seen, feet/toes pointing is considered to be one of those unwritten rules of lust, beauty, and aesthetics. It is done by certain women to accentuate their sexual allure as well as to better the coitus and their orgasms — consciously in some cases and subconsciously in others.

Apart from the alluring, provocative visual aspect, for a significant number of men it’s an indicator that she is into the experience and is out of control, which is what turns them on. It also does happen to some males.

When I told the inspiring muse about this article, she eloquently shared: “For me, it’s an overwhelming involuntary response to pure pleasure and amazing chemistry sensations. Like a reflex.” What nimble and astute words. She also sent me the middle photo above of her sexy foot in pink heels. Yummm.

Now we know. 
Whether you have been swept off your feet or are head over heels, keep them pointed.

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