Sunday, 27 July 2014

The MK-Ultra Piece Mystery

16 months ago I wrote this two-part research exposé and since then the daily views as well as the private messages and comments have not stopped. I've had this for a short while with the Great Pyramid piece then with the Mass Control one, but none has ever come close to this. And this is only the Conscious Life News stats. On Elite Agenda where it was also published and shared over 1000 times there is an even bigger number than the 23K shown here.

This was a really heavy topic. I remember by the end of the three weeks it took me to research and write I was in a morbid mood and needed to get it out of my head. The comments and private messages I had received and still receiving to this very day from victims and ex-victims of mind control; people who know weird things and curious people alike. Some of the atrocities they told me are beyond words and I know it did happen to them. Others, shown in some comments, are fictional and, possibly, deliberately misleading. 

One more bizarre thing is that by the time the piece has reached a few thousands readers suddenly one day all the few hundreds F.B 'likes' have vanished into thin air and went back to 0! I spoke to the publishers and they said this only happened to specific articles. I checked my other pieces and only those where I talk about the elite/Illuminati, mind control, the Rothschilds have had the same fate. I don't think it's a coincidence and Big Brother may be really watching as we already know, trying to stop this information from reaching people. We also know that the road of speaking truth is long, however, the views are still growing after all these months and the 'likes' started again from scratch, averaging 60 views per day this July ― making me wonder who is really reading. Whoever it is, that's a sign the words are reaching people.

This is the link for those who like to know what mind control is all about and the inhuman things that happened to many people between the 50s and 70s: (the link to Part 2 on Elite Agenda is at the end of Part 1)

MK-ULTRA: Then and Now – A Thorough Analysis of Mind Control – PART 1

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