Sunday, 14 April 2013

The World’s Weirdest Statues and Sculptures

Spoon - Minneapolis, USA
Big Swimmer - London, United Kingdom
Le Pouce (The Thumb) - Paris, France
Fat Man On A Turtle - Firenze, Italy
Giant Baby - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Invisible Man - Marseille, France
Bench Men - Seoul, Korea
Die Badende (The Bather) - Hamburg, Germany
Little Whizzer - Brussels, Belgium
Making Out - Lima, Peru
Maman - London, U.K
Melting Cow Popsicle - Budapest, Hungary
Naked Cupid - Tokyo, Japan
Naked Hula Hooper - Lisse, Netherlands
Puking Man - London, U.K
Space Cow - Stockholm, Sweden
Tasty Nipple - Fengdu, China
Baby Fighter in Frogner Park - Oslo, Norway
Virgin Mother Statue - New York City, USA
Magical Water Tap - Puerto de Santa María, Spain
Madam Chapeau - Brussels, Belgium
La Trobe - Melbourne, Australia
The Hanging Rhino - Postdam, Germany
De Vaartkapoen - Brussels, Belgium
Le Passe-Muraille (Man in the Wall) - Paris, France
The Shark - Oxford, U.K
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Headless Musician - Amsterdam,
Hand of the Desert - Atacama Desert, Chile
Mona Lisa - Asus Headquarters, Taiwan
Corporate head - Los Angeles, California


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