Thursday, 4 June 2015

How Inspiration is Transferable

I always held that we can unknowingly inspire others just by being ourselves. We only need to believe it can happen for it to happen. The following is a simple illustration of how between inspiring and being inspired, the process of transference of inspiration works both ways.

Last year, I watched a Ted Talk by Joe Smith about using only one paper towel per person to dry our hands. Since I was mid roaming the U.S and using lots of public bathrooms, I loved the idea. Like many, I would always use two or three paper towels. But since watching that video and learning how it's done, I use only one now.

I remember sharing it with the world on Facebook to spread that novel idea, which I thought was a brilliant one. I have written before on why I like to share stuff and you can check it out on Here.

A couple of months ago, I happened to watch a simple 36-second animated Video about water conservation. It informs you that if you leave the tap water on as you brush your teeth, you waste about 10 to 12 litres per person every day. Again, that was something I was always guilty of, and I know I'm not the only one. This made me think of all the water I have wasted throughout 37 years.

The video, however, had a double impact on me since I'm currently in California where there is a serious water issue. So naturally, I decided to save those 10-12 litres by shutting the tap when brushing. Again, wanting to spread the useful idea, I shared the video all over online, as well as with my bungalow-mates. I even sent it to my parents in a private message. Because, it doesn't matter if you're in California or elsewhere, water conservation is something everyone should be conscious of.

Now getting to the point of this exemplum, I was speaking recently to my sweet mother on Skype when the topic of that teeth-brushing video was brought up. She told me that all her life she had always left the tap water on as she brushed. I reminded her that living in a 5-star hotel for 20 years certainly didn't help, and she agreed.

But now every time I'm brushing and, out of habit, I'm tempted to leave it open, I remember you. So I shut it,” she told me.

How lovely. So the simple video inspired her as it has inspired me.

The final twist is that sometimes, out of habit, I'm also tempted to keep the tap open. So then I remember my mother remembering me and I automatically turn it off. I feel compelled to do so. In fact, this now happens in the kitchen as well when sometimes I would get distracted while doing the dishes. You see here, having inspired someone comes back to you in the most positive and influential way.

Also, I cannot spread a message and not follow it; for that would simply be hypocrisy — practice what you preach kind of reasoning.

Contemplating the above from a big-picture perspective, this is how real change comes about. Ingenuity and creativity inspire ideas, which in turn inspire change. It's the collective of tiny individual changes that eventually makes the difference. In our example here, it's through the Internet that ideas are communicated between the different minds, who will then be enabled to create that sought-after change. Because if it's not them, then who?

Inspiration, ideas, and insights are transferable energy which could be contagious. Fortunately, the virtual world is today making it easy and highly convenient for us. A simple video or article can indeed change your life. That is exactly why we should thrive on exposing ourselves to positives influences and new ideas through reading, learning, and sharing. It is how we grow through life while staying young at heart.

“Aspire to Inspire before you Expire!”
― Eugene Bell Jr.


Why I Share Stuff
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