Saturday, 13 August 2011

WTF?!@#$%^* Four [Videos]

At least in the photo below they are all companions in the peculiarity like brothers in arms — or should I say brothers in balls. Imagine you put them down on the ground and just sit comfortably, like having a folding chair constantly attached to your torso.

I wonder how sex is affected. Does the mammoth size mean a huge container of sperm? If your balls are the size of a watermelon then your cum should perhaps fill a big water bottle of 1.5 liter. Consequently, the amount of time needed to fill the bottle would also be remarkable, something like four minutes and 14 seconds. I wonder if they are able to achieve orgasm with those unusual measurements. But if they did, it must be one hell of a show.

I have another clip that i wanted to add on here but sadly, it's pornographic. It's a man with 2 penises, not too sure about the "functionality" bit to be honest but looking at the female, they look like they're doing the double job just fine. As long as the girl doesn't keep reminding herself that she's sleeping with a Chernobyl reactor, she'll be feeling great because the guy was pumping her front and back door at the same time. Yes, he was using both his tools with the same pelvic movement and the female seemed happy. Maybe after using him in a few low-budget pornos, he'll have no other options but to join the Freaks Circus.


WTF?!@#$%^* Three [Videos]

WTF?!@#$%^* Two [Videos]

WTF?!@#$%^* [Videos]

WTF?!@#$%^* Four [Videos]
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