Sunday, 14 August 2011

WTF?!@#$%^* Two [Videos]

After WTF?!@#$%^* [Videos], this is the sequel. Viewer discretion is advised due to some of the graphic nature of the videos, especially the last one. So if you're easily disturbed, simple leave and check the many other articles on the blog or the entire Internet.

I first tried tracking the following footage, but couldn't find its source. Yes that's what I do: I post bizarre untraceable videos on the blog then research their origin. I really think I should start getting paid for that.

Then, the MacGyver in me watched it again and read “Groland” and with a finger touch I found that it's a French humour video site. BINGO! Gotta love Google. They seem to have all the answers of the Universe, and most of the questions are already right there in the search engines. I bow to Google.


The Japs are kinky in their own way. I think their seclusion for many centuries then the WWII disastrous napalm defeat had palpable and serious effects on their culture and personalities. Lots of their porn scrambles the genitals as if it really matters. Uhm...well yes it does matter and it sucks.

What else can be found in Japan? A whole lot of oddities. Cuddle cafes. Robot restaurants. Subway chin-rests. The casual Face masks. Super umbrellas. Bathroom slippers. Automated super-duper toilets equipped with remote controls to heat the seat, play music, and to wash and dry the asses. And square watermelons.


The Land of the rising sun is also the land of anime, hentai, and vending machines selling used schoolgirls' panties. Well supposedly there are no more Burusera (ブルセラ), or used panties machines, but to have applied such an idea at some point in time tells us something about Japanese perversion.

What is shown here in the footage is called Tamakeri (玉蹴り), literally meaning Ball Kicking. It is a sexual fetish and subgenre of pornography within which a man's testicles are abused. Originating in Japan, it has now spread all over the world where it is commonly known as BallBusting — or BB for short.

According to a half Japanese cousin who lived there all her life before leaving for university, the population is somewhat repressed and similar to the Middle East in terms of family values, customs, and traditions. Unlike Middle Eastern folks, those also work like mad. As a result, they find gratification in underground sex, fetishes, odd games, and sushi. The above video may be a proper illustration.

Apart from all that, we cannot ignore what the Japs have done in a little over 50 years in terms of advancement and research. I mean these people were nuked not once but twice! Aye. And look at them today, freaky as ever.


This Arab dad probably deserved it. You don't mix children and weapons, especially loaded ones. And I mean guns.


Finally, male circumcision in African tribes. A close friend turned his head away while I was showing him this gentle footage. He said “I have a son now”. That pansy recently just got another boy to be the proud papa of three lovely kiddos. Congratulations, Bops.


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