Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WTF?!@#$%^* Three [Videos]

Darwinism award to those bastards. Not sure if they were trying to mimic an In Utero moment or they really like Nirvana. What I'm sure of is that there are no women around. Is this how you make a child start liking swimming and water in general? The one with the camera was waiting for that moment so I'm assuming it was pre-planned to just throw the poor kiddo in the pool. 


I had no idea what's the point from this video. By examining the editing, the child is actually fighting to stay afloat and there is someone behind that camera. The blonde girl shows that it's western, which makes it even more absurd. After playing the video using a different media player, the title was then shown to be child drowning prevention. I looked for it on YouTube and once again, BINGO! The YouTube title is: Child Drowning Prevention Your First Line Of Defense Survival Video. 
And this is one of the comments:

"This is an instructional video, likely associated with the Drowning Prevention Foundation. The toddler is demonstrating how very young children can learn to float on their backs and breathe while in water. It is by no means a failproof method to prevent drowning; there's no better prevention than keeping an eye on your kid, really. There's a better video example featuring a younger male infant too. But to teach them, you have to let them do it, you can't just rescue them; hence, the video."

Alright. But is filming my drowning child and watching him/her struggle healthier than jumping in the pool once and teaching them how to simply float and swim? Now I so want to try this. Let's make a baby.

Ogrish Tv is the source of this arm cut off. I sent a reply to the uploader who wrote: "A fake one but an all time favorite" asking if he knows the origin and how can he tell it's fake. I do agree that it's a good one.

Apparently it's an ad. I didn't know before and was always wondering a few obvious things, like why and how.


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