Wednesday, 15 February 2017

One More Precognitive Dream

Precognitive dream: A dream that exhibits knowledge about the future which the dreamer could not have obtained via normal channels.

A few months back I had a dream of someone I care about in which they were facing some marital issues. We live in different continents and I haven’t seen or thought of them any time recently. So being so random I sensed that it could be one of my precognitive dreams.

As I often do after those dreams, I reached out to ask about them. To my sight surprise, they said that all was fine, yet in an indifferent, perhaps also slightly defensive way. Shortly after, I told them how I remember seeing them in the dream going through a moment of detachment as well as freedom, which was the initial reason why I asked. Still, they denied having any problems — despite having always felt that they were never particularly happy in their relationship.

Somehow I could not get over that dream as I felt that it is one of those genuine ones I’m writing about in the book. I believe some of you remember how I dreamed of the passing of my aunt and my Cocker Spaniel plus of getting into an accident before they actually happen.

Dealing with High Awareness and Empathic Accuracy is a much more detailed piece examining how some of us seem to be able to see beyond the veil and howHigh awareness can be a double-edged sword if you don’t know how to channel it.

A month or two later, I was speaking to a common friend when I mentioned said dream. They paused for a second, before telling me that our friend’s marriage was indeed going through troubled times. Aha. Since I’m getting better at trusting this kind of prophetic visions, in a strange, inexplicable way I sort of knew all along that there is probably some kind of truth behind that last one.

More months passed when I was once again with the common friend and the topic of my book — and dreams — came up. They then told me that our friend whom I had dreamed of had a divorce. Oh. Should I say ‘Surprise!’?

When I wondered out loud about the reason why when I first asked if everything was fine I was told yes, they said that our recently-divorced friend apparently thought that someone had told me about the ongoing problems they were then having with their spouse. This implies that I knew all along and have invented that dream story just to, I don’t know, mess with them?

Moral the story: If I dream of you and I let you know, there is no reason why not to be honest. In any case, this type of dreams almost always involve those who are — or once were — somewhat close to me.

What is intriguing is that by the end of the book I still do not have clear explanations about how cognitive dreams work among other mind-over-matter phenomena discussed therein. What I do know for sure is that they exist and if you learn how to listen closely, they could make great allies. I equally know with certainly that I am not the only one who gets them, which in one way is a relief.

Dreams are the Pearly Gates of the subconscious. Pay attention and follow them confidently to where they lead you, for they are also the language in which our souls communicate with the YOUniverse.

On a parallel note, I will leave you with an eye-opening Banned Ted Talk by physicist Russell Targ about psychic abilities. Targ spent several decades exploring the humans psyche while working with the CIA and NASA, chiefly in the US government “Remote Viewing (RV)” program.

For me, “Banned” talks are always the most captivating. It makes you ponder why certain type of knowledge is censored and deliberately kept away from the masses. Enjoy.


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