Friday, 7 November 2014

Full Moon Drumming

Someone told me there was a full moon drum circle party last night at Full Circle Venice so I went to check it out. Everyone was wearing white and there were different kinds of drums around. This was a non-alcoholic event and all was there was water and coconut water.

I started playing on a Conga next to two other guys and we sort of bonded. About a hour later, one of the performers added some chairs and asked us to join them on the 'stage' by the DJ. I then switched to a Darbuka while my eye was on the only full-size Djèmbe around. Finally I put my hands on it and YEAH.

We kept jamming for a couple of hours as more people came in and started dancing. When we finally had to stop I was asked by someone if I was a performer, to which I responded with "I'm just a lover." While wrapping up, I introduced myself to the long-haired Conga guy and his buddy.

"Omar, hi.
Oh! Arabic.
Originally Algerian.
Originally Egyptian here

His friend then merrily said: "Hi, I'm from Mozambique."

This is when I smiled in joy, because this happens all the time in peaceful Venice. So many like-minded people from different nationalities have left the whole world and decided to gather by this specific beach. Where else would all these warm human interactions take place.

I helped them put the Congas in the car, we said we'll meet again, then I took my bike and went home...ecstatically happy.
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