Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Evolution of Dance Music Through 20 Years [Videos]

More than ten years before I switch to drum circles, I used to go out clubbing and dancing like many young people. Whether it was clubs in London, illegal raves in L.A or the 50,000-people/25-DJs Inner City in Amsterdam, I sure loved to party. And in that regard, music was and still is everything.

I gathered here a collection of those classic electronic tunes, which will probably stay with me forever. The vocals in some of them have once tickled my core, and every time I re-listen I'm tickled all over again while being flooded by an intoxicating, frozen-in-time mix of memories, sensations, and pure ecstasy. Others tunes, it's simply the beat that is engraved on my nervous system.

The fun part is, I'm not alone. I couldn't help but read some of the YouTube comments on the videos, and they are full of people reminiscing about their youth and party years. If you happened to party in 90s then most likely you'll recognize some of the following beats.

For those who appreciate it, music — and dancing — can really take you places. Language is limited by words and ideas and concepts; music isn't. It's free. In fact, music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain, and that is why it's therapeutic.

So here are some of the gems. Enjoy...










I concur


Insanely similar to "The Music Sounds Better With You"


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