Thursday, 2 October 2014

People I Can Do Without — À La George Carlin

  1. Sickly proud, bumper-sticker kind of parents who like to brag about their kids being exceptional jewels. 
  2. People who jog while having full conversations on their phones.
  3. Folks who mid a discussion or an argument say, "Because God said so" — thinking they are concluding the argument.
  4. Those who hurriedly get up from their seats before the plane stops.
  5. Die-hard, jersey-wearing sports fans who memorize the names, ages, net-worths and underwear sizes of players.
  6. People who believe and/or proudly publicize that their country is the best in the world because they happen to be born in it.
  7. Those you share a bathroom with who clog the toilet and leave it for you to deal.
  8. Angry drivers.
  9. Drivers who put the music down when lost or looking for directions.
  10. Selfie addicts.
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