Wednesday, 4 July 2012

1920s Egypt in Colours

Autochromes taken by Gervais Courtellemont and W. Robert Moore for National Geographic.

 A boy reels silk in a desert near Cairo

 A man and two women stand at his home grown fruit booth in Cairo

 A man peers out from a latticework covered balcony

 A beautiful building sits untouched in the streets of old Cairo

 A boat sits still in the water at sunrise

 A man sits next to his store for the Egyptian version of a washtub

 A man stands outside of his quilt and cushion shop in old Cairo

 A painter stands in the doorway of his shop

 A peasant singer poses in a seated position

 A person leans against a Ficus tree in the garden of Esbekieh


 A shoe vender sits next to his store

 A souvenir merchant walks carrying beads and necklaces

 A street view of the Mosque which has a wall covered in blue tiles

 A view of a tower in Cairo

 A view of fishermen docking on Philae Island

 A view of the Great Sphinx at sunset

 A view of the Monastery of Saint Catherine amid granite peaks

 A view of the Pyramids of Giza

 A view of the Temple of Edfu at sunset
 A view of the first Nile cataract at Aswan

 A view of the pyramids at sunset

 A view of the ruins of the Hall of the Temple of Ammon

 A woman poses in black

 A woman poses wearing a Muslim headdress

 A woman poses with a basket of fruit

A woman sits on a rock with jewelry beside her
 A view of the pyramids with buildings in between

 A woman sits with her fruits for sale

 A young boy who journeys on donkeys leans against a stone wall

 A young cabaret dancer poses for a picture in traditional clothing

 An Egyptian street merchant sells fruits

 An Egyptian street merchant sells hats

 An orange merchant awaits customers

 Colossi of Memnon once guarded entrance to Temple of Amenophis

 Men sit at a shop at a bazaar

 People stand outside the Temple of Horus

 Students sit in the courtyard of the Mosque of el Azhar

 Sugarcane vendors wait for customers

 The image of Rameses II carved into the rock at Abu Simbel

 The mosque like Tomb of Caliphs near Cairo holds Luxor and Arab heros

 Two boys cook meat at a meat shop in Egypt

 Two men making glass

 Two men making tents

 Two men on camelback ride past the Sphinx and Great Pyramid

 Two men stand in front of souvenir booths in the street of Cairo

 Two men work at a tarboosh booth in Cairo

 Two sais stand in front of the entrance to the French Legation

 Two students of Mecca stand at the Mosque of el Azhar

Winders of silk at the Tombs of the Caliphs


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