Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Raw Accidents [Videos]

Once again, the luxury of having cameras all around us today pays off sometimes. On average, the London, UK resident is filmed about 300 times. And with 4.2 million security cameras, a.k.a CCTV as they are named, there is 1 for every 15 individuals. Yes, the world police is playing Big Brother from Orwell's masterpiece 1984. They must have read the book.

The following videos, however, are not from security cameras. But are some lean mean accidents with machines caught by people. No special effects, no make up, no sound engineering, and nothing is fake. That is precisely why I have a ‘thing’ for such gruesome sights as I have once mentioned — a sort of joyous fetish if I may call it. And I know I'm not alone.

The football accident is a sincere illustration of said obsession. This internal fiery train running up the spine while watching the leg break in half, unconsciously forcing you to either look away, or make a two-second face as if you're the one who had been hurt. After all, bone-breaking is not something we see everyday.

Wondering why the Saudis are not wearing their seat belts. If you're wild enough to put on a car show for your friends who are so eager to capture your stupidity on cam, you might as well not die along.

The third CNN clip on YouTube has the title 50 Illegal Immigrants while the same video uploaded by someone else says 28. Though I counted 23. Apparently, they were some still stuck in the vehicle. Poor folks. The nachos were spilled inside the van and the señor driver lost control. Or so it goes.

I couldn't help but notice one of the YouTube comments:

You have to be the lowest in America to be afraid of someone without documents not speaking the language to take your job. Your have to be basically a caveman. The ignorance usually blind common sense. This van situation it's indeed gracious how 20 individuals can fit in a such small vehicle. The poor, uneducated typical American has nightmares about a poor laborer trying to take his dirty job... How sad is that!
The rich American keeps it low profile, they know they need a hand to watch their.”

Mr., Ms. or Mrs. Indepenentconcpetz here is replying to a comment by a racist douche bag. And for that I salute you, and I might as well bow to your mental clarity. I went on YouTube and bowed for real.

The following videos are extra treats.


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