Friday, 26 June 2015

Rare Historical Photos # 8

A beach party in California, 1930

Border patrol service dogs waiting in line for dinner — Finland, 1940s

A Chinese immigrant family portrait — Oregon, 1890s

Salvador Dalí after finishing the portrait of the stunning Raquel Welch, 1965
A dapperly dressed young man at the London Stock Exchange, 1937
A first class suite on the Titanic
A Muslim Bandit in Xinjiang, China circa 1915
What Hitler might have looked like in disguise according to the US Secret Service, 1944
 A cane flask as prohibition era accessory
A young Pablo Picasso standing in front of Le Bateau Lavoir, a famous Parisian hangout for 20th-century artists
Admiral Byrd’s snow cruiser near Framingham, Massachusetts in 1939. The spectacle caused a record 90 mile stretch traffic jam, with over 70,000 cars delayed.

Elvis Presley standing in his front yard in Memphis, Tennessee 1956

The remains of the astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space 1967
Frank Sinatra shaving, 1965
French weightlifter and 1920 Olympic champion Ernest Cadine posing in 1923
India's Taj Mahal in 1865. The grand palace was first opened in 1648.
Inventor of the bikini, Louis Reard, with a model in 1946. He named the swimsuit after a nuclear weapon test site because he thought it would cause an ‘explosive’ cultural reaction. I think it did.

Marilyn Monroe opens the USA-Israel Football International with a kickoff, 1959

Church Mobile, 1923
A Japanese woman wearing a kimono, 1896

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the 1930s

Roller skates were the kool new thing in 1910
Saturday bath time in rural Spencer, Tennessee 1939

Women's archery during the Summer Olympic Games in London, 1908

The shells from an allied bombardment on German lines, 1916.
The earliest known photo of Abraham Lincoln  believed to be taken circa 1846

The welcome parade for Queen Elizabeth's first official visit to Germany in 1965

Santa Monica Pier, 1877!
The world's first wedding car, 1903


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