Sunday, 20 July 2014

Some Useful How-To Videos

Ever wondered if there is a right way to eat a banana and there is a not-so-right way? Well, me neither. Only a few days ago when I got to watch a YouTube video called 'How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey' did I ever even think about it. I'm sure excluding bananas from my diet for the last 20 years has a lot to do with ignoring this.

So, I watched that video and later in the day when it was time for my daily banana I remembered the new information and did it. Once I started the peeling from the top down by pinching the black top off, it reminded me of all the cartoons I used to watch in my childhood. Because this is exactly how the peeled banana looked like there. And because I was always doing it the other way, from the stem down like most people, I never saw it like that. It actually feels so right, leaving me wondering how many people still don't know this.
Now you know so it's time to go banana :}

If you enjoy learning new things then you'll probably enjoy the following simple tips. Personally, I'm always seeking the best, fastest, and most efficient way to do anything. When I watched those videos and tried the the hacks myself — except the potato one for lack of space — I found that they all work, so I thought I'd share the novelty. Enjoy...











This last one made me feel like an idiot. To feel better I rushed to the kitchen, found the magic button in both, the aluminum and the plastic, and tucked them in. To my relief, now I feel like a bad ass. 



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