Friday, 22 May 2015

The Guardian Angels of the White Desert

Once in 2006 my two younger cousins and I went camping in the White Desert by the Farafra Oasis (depression). As we arrived from Cairo late at night we were exhausted and it was insanely windy outside, so we decided to sleep in the car and not in our sleeping bags. Of course the music was on the whole night and we woke up with a dead battery. In the middle of nowhere. Literally.

When you venture alone into the unknown wilderness of the deserts you always seem to bump into guarding angels. I think it may be some kind of reward from Mother Nature. This has been an ongoing pattern in my life and in the lives of some of my friends. Though some people may not be that lucky; without proper preparation one could easily vanish into the deserts, or any wilderness for that matter.

Fortunately, this time the guardians also came to the rescue. After a few hours of debating what to do, there they were. In the middle of nowhere, we found a car coming towards us. We kept trying to revive the battery for a while but we couldn't do it. Our car was a new model and needed a different kind of cable, I believe. The driver said he'll go get something and come back.

The first failed rescue attempt
We kept waiting but the man didn't come back. A while later we saw a convoy of three Jeeps coming closer. More guardian angels. Sweet. We felt like Tintin, Capitaine Haddock and Milou in Le Crabe aux pinces d'or (The Crab with the Golden Claws) being rescued.

As they jumpstart the battery we spoke for a little and bonded with the tourists. I took a few photo of the situation until they got us out of there and we resumed our journey.

Later on in the day, we bumped into the first driver. He said he came back but couldn't find us, and I think he wanted some kind of gas money. Being all Egyptians, we settled it without paying a pound.

So ten years later, Thank you Guardian Angels of the White Desert...whoever you were.

The uncle and the two boys later on in the trip — Ahmed Mazhar (left) and Seif Seif el Nasr (right)
The famous Aqua Sun camp of Nuweiba by the Red Sea can also be found in Farafra

The magnificence of the White Desert
Sunset view over the White Desert before we cozy in in the car
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