Saturday, 18 April 2015

Attempting to Bridge the Gap Between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: The Coke Prank

Today morning, I stumbled upon this 6-million-views video and instantly recognised both cops from Venice Beach. Knowing that cops usually hate pranks and rarely have any sense of humour, I thought that their reaction was pretty cool. Others could have made it much harder on the boys.

Then, I went to the Drum Circle and when the time was up and the police cars surrounded us, I recognised the young lady copper. So I headed towards her and asked if she had seen that ‘Coke’ YouTube video. As she nodded ‘yes’, I told her that I wanted to say that what they did was really cool. 

We’re not all assholes,” she replied with a confident smile. [*and a fun comeback too]

Thank God,” I said and smiled back.

I felt comfortable so I went on, “Honestly, when I arrived here last year, I didn’t particularly like how cops are all over the beach. I even wrote an Article about that ― I’m a writer. But now a year later, I’m actually happy that you guys are around. Lots of outsiders come here and ruin it for us, so again, thank you for what you do.”

We chatted for another 30 seconds, smiled again, then parted ways.

I thought that since most of the times I’m against what cops do and how they behave, when I see well-composed ones who are understanding, act responsible, and can take a joke, I have to let them, and you, know.

I salute you, officer. We sure need more of you.

The top YouTube comment on the video:
It’s a shame you had to prank the only cool cops ever, but it was still funny :}

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