Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dippy Headlines

I guess Sally would know


But sometimes they do
The world has simply gone mad

That's a good thing, right?

Poor ventriloquists, what would they do now

Not quite the improvement though


Don't forget the binoculars before tuning in

Sounds good to me

Praise the Lord

Bluntly speaking, weedon't know for sure

Now we shoot the bastards

Zombies are selective people
I thought about that before
Thank you for this miscowculation
Who write these things? I want to meet them.

I heard this exists somewhere in Northern Europe


He should kill him too

Call me, Chica

They should make a blockbuster movie out of this bizarre story

A sound advice

Who else is there, really

It also requires visiting a psychic

Smart parents breed smart kids


My breast wishes to all D-BÒÓbies

It happens sometimes

Bad Parenting Luckily Caught on Camera

Bad Parenting Luckily Caught on Camera 2

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