Friday, 3 August 2012

The Truth About China’s Olympics Kids [Photos]

China has registered some impressive wins in the 2012 London Olympics. But it wasn’t luck or
mere hard work and dedication. The process starts at an early age with children barely old enough
to go to school. These kids train most of the day, every day, to become agile, strong, and fast
enough for the international Olympics. Eventually, only a handful of them actually make it to
the competitions. As the following next photo series shows, however, said process looks like
torture to those li’l things. One must wonder if Olympic Gold is truly that much worth it for the Chinese.

I can actually remember that for some odd reason my mother once decided to take me to
gymnastics training when I was six or seven. It was so painful and the trainers were so sadistic,
that I only went twice and dropped the idea.

Check this slightly disturbing collection to see what those Chinese niños have to endure before
we comfortably get to watch them on our TV screens.


China So Big! [Videos]

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