Thursday, 16 June 2011

China So Big! [Videos]

China is training fish now, what's next? 1.4 billion people, a billion consists of one thousand million by the way and then add 400 million to that. Yes, this is Big Red China. The same China that blocked the word "Egypt" and "Revolution" from its search engines starting the end of January 2011 when things were getting heatedly uglier throughout Egypt and communication has been shut down by the old, stubborn regime before being toppled on Feb 11th.

The Great Firewall of China is, in fact, the nickname of their highly sophisticated internet-content filtering system. They actually have more than sixty Internet regulations. Can you imagine censoring the internet for 1.4 billion people in 2010? I can't really.

No wonder their communist authorities are afraid from their own people; a revolution in a country with such huge population would be crazy. Thinking about it got me dizzy. A mental image we only see in movies, when the camera shows endless lines, rows and columns of animated soldiers. An infinity of shortish Chinese soldiers all digitally identical.

I believe that if such a mammoth uprising took place for real the effects would be devastating. Because freeing yourself from all this control might very well need a whole lot of madness with cataclysmic blood shedding. There are so many Chinese in Canada and pretty much everywhere else. In Egypt, they go door to door visiting rural areas to sell matches and pens. I guess with this rate, there's a Chinese person everywhere, doing everything all the time.


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