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A Not-So-Mysterious Secret Of Happiness

If we agree that our life here is a short finite journey to what really is to come, then the simple art of living should be a blessing and just the ritual of breathing should be enjoyed as one holy experience. If we don’t, then allow me to explain how I perceive it all from my own eyes.

Since ancient civilizations, the secret of a happy life is nothing new to humanity. It may not be rocket science yet many people choose to spend their lives unfulfilled and worried about senseless worldly matters. They seem to forget that we are here for a hundred years at most and then we’re making a final exodus to what there is, or you could always die tomorrow of course. Is it a question of faith? Lack of vision? Self-centered selfishness? I’m sure no one thinks they’re immortal but I sometimes wonder if their reason for living become solely making money, spending it and stacking it, and then leave it as inheritance for their children to keep them financially secured. How about emotionally secured? Or spiritually secured? How do we achieve that? And can all beings really coexist peacefully?

The Art of Living

I believe that leaving positivity to this world and making our existence matter is the answer to the fundamental question about the purpose of life. By encountering new things every day, one forgets about his ego and keeps growing. This results in a life full of amazing childlike fascinations that could never be compared to any materialistic gains – a sort of an inner richness. Be it a new tip, learning to draw, breaking a limit you have set for yourself, planting a tree, a new walk to explore, making someone’s day, or even as little as doing something you were always afraid of. It really is rejuvenating to renew from oneself and keep bettering it by adding knowledge and experience.

When we keep nurturing our inner genius child, we synchronize with the ever-expanding universe, and yet by doing so, the more we grow appears to be the more the child we still are. Waking up in the morning, smiling to the world and embracing what it has to offer is the simplest way to shape our own world. We become high on life as true and authentic happiness is an internal state of mind that depends on who we are and not what we have.

A free human soul is capable of so many great things once it acknowledges its destined potential. Someone once said that life is like a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs but it’s our choice to scream or enjoy the ride. I’m not trying to reflect a fairyland unrealistic view here, and I know that life throws at us unexpected slippery slopes. As I also know of the contagious defeatists living amongst us who are too good in just being themselves. But, I totally believe that the obstacles we face are essential for our internal growth and we do need their existence in our lives to be able to feel capable and free by overcoming them.

Choosing to deal with problems constantly allows our self-esteem and self-confidence to develop as we keep striving throughout our existence. We end up stronger, wiser and with some experience to pass on, and all this shape the person that we are. Shielded and reminded by some scars, making mistakes becomes a positive happening and always a new chance to learn. I see it as an essential part of the growing process which leads us to a fair assessment of our own self-worth.

The wind of change will always blow around us and instead of whining and complaining, we should change what we can, accept what we can’t, and deal with it as a natural and much-needed opportunity to evolve. After all, the species that have survived throughout history were not the strongest or the most intelligent but were the ones that were most adaptable to change.

The process of accepting oneself and directing it to where it mostly fits automatically sparks our minds with limitless creativity. When we engage with our surrounding, express ourselves and contribute to our existence, we share our footsteps with the coming generations and hopefully inspire them to do more. It’s also a healthy outlet for our dreams and imagination as well as for the things we don’t like and can’t change. The choice always remains ours to create our own lives or choose the easy way out by following the crowd, and doing what’s been shoved down our throats while growing up, knowing that the crowd can only get us this much ahead.

Let us remember that the key to an exciting and creative life is always found outside all comfort zones. When we don’t like something we work on changing it, and if we can’t then we learn to accept it, and when we accept it we start focusing on what we like; it’s really quite simple.

We are all unique, and the mere beauty of our august creation lies in our diversion, so being different and standing out in the crowd are actually healthy characteristics. Since today’s societies ignore its importance, I believe that children’s individuality should be highly encouraged by teachers and parents alike. No one really knows us better than ourselves, and at some point, listening to people telling us what to do cannot take us very far, while being true to oneself can never really go wrong, actually it usually goes very right. The more we accept and know ourselves, the more we feel we should give back to the world, and the more we’ll give the world, the more we’ll get from the world. A circle as beautiful as the circle of life itself.

Evolution is a non-stop phenomenon showing a ceaseless display of betterment and development, and by sharing our own experiences, we give the next generations a better chance to learn from our trials and errors and advance further. Let us remind ourselves that most great discoveries started out as mistakes and a life without taking chances or trying new things is as worthless as one full of worries about safety or security. The same goes with lives consumed by fear, greed, anger, materialism, and the mind-numbing reality Tel-Lie-vision.

Today, we have the brains, the technology, the know-how and the resources but, the top 1% of the population owns 40% of our planet wealth! Something isn’t right here, even if you’re not good in math. Expectedly, awareness of global inequality mushroomed throughout this past year with the Arab Spring and the Occupy movements that swept 95 cities across 82 countries. The last time the world has woken up and sort of united like this was during the 60s with the anti-war demonstrations and the hedonistic peace and love culture that have survived to this very day.

In order to succeed, humans should set aside their petty differences and see beyond all the meaningless diversionary with lefts vs. rights, political wars, religious bigotry, racial stereotypes, hate and intolerance. They need to rise above the programming and decondition from all artificial indoctrinations and unite together as compassionate habitants of this wonderful planet bestowed on us. Shielded with this natural intimacy, we can reach a collective understanding of how to accept our reality and coexist peacefully. Then and only then, we can be in position of saving the planet, chiefly from ourselves.

It has been proven over time that together we stand and by uniting, we become powerful as we keep thriving towards completion and perfection. We are really all one, we come from the same place and we’re heading to the same place and I believe that what we’re still missing is acting like it. When people do unite, and believe in themselves as we’ve recently seen, my personal faith in humanity is happily restored. I can only remind myself that in the great scheme of life, advancement only came from revolting and things can only get better.

Science Not Fiction

In The Secret Life of Plants, a rare documentary based on a book written in 1973 with the same name by a cutting edge scientist called Peter Tompkins, electrodes were connected to cabbage plants to monitor their electric activity while data could be registered on a polygraph when changes occur. First, a technician blew cigarette smoke on the plant and a beep was heard, showing that the plant senses the outer activity the smoke is creating. The next experiment was making a human being watch a video and analyze the resonating bioenergy field he displays, or – his aura. Serene scenes from the natural world resulted in showing activity on one end of the polygraph while scenes of destruction and explosions showed on the other. Interestingly, the polygraph connected to the plant mimicked the exact same energy levels as of the subject who was watching the video. So not only plants feel our positive and negative vibes but they are also affected by them.

In another experiment, a woman cut off the leaves and destroyed a plant which was not connected to any electrical instruments. The emanating energy caused a second plant nearby, plugged to the electrodes, to sense the mutilation of its “sister.” What’s really fascinating is that when the same woman stepped into the lab hours later, the polygraph beeped again, demonstrating that the plant was able to identify the mutilator.

Most new revolutionary ideas that come from outside our norm are always rejected by the masses at first; considered heresy. Even methodical scientists do so sometimes out of lack of understanding and out of not being ready to accept that what they have believed in might actually be missing something they ignore. Tompkins’ experiments where then seen as pseudo-science and his results were not properly tested for their validity. Decades later, more advanced discoveries showed that most, if not all what he had once proved in his laboratory during the early seventies was right. Plants do sense our energies and auras, and scientific data is now available for the skeptics. I’m sure we all know how the connection is even more mutual with animals.

In another documentary which simplifies quantum physics, What The Bleep Do We Know Down The Rabbit Hole, Dr. Masaru Emoto shows how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. In one of his experiments, participants stood in a circle around a table with water jars on it. Some spoke beautiful positive words of their choice to the water; words like unity, love, and friendship, while others said negative words like “I hate you” and “you’re a fool.” The words were also written and stickered on the different jars and before-and-after high speed microscopic photographs were taken.

In the case of the positive words, some alluringly intricate, complex and colourful snowflake patterns were obtained. The negative samples on the other hand formed asymmetrical, incomplete patterns with dull colours. The implications of the extensive researches carried by Emoto which were covered in his books such as all 3 volumes of Messages From Water, created a new awareness of how we are capable of positively impacting the earth and our personal health.

When the same experiment was repeated with rice, and samples were monitored and photographed for 30 days, the “positive” rice was still very much intact as the “negative” one has rotted, became moldy and turned to brown.

This breakthrough discovery have provided us with factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water. The same water that comprises over seventy percent of the mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet.
Based on these astounding results, one can only imagine how capable we are in affecting our own lives and humanity as a whole just by resorting to that extraordinary powers of the mind. Prayers, meditations, blessings remembrance, and good intentions and deeds should be more of a way of living rather than just seasonal rituals. This leads to a state of transcendental and eternal bliss as we unleash goodness and positivity to the world. Consequently we also attract goodness and positivity, and science has indeed proven it.

No wonder that most of the world’s religions teach grace prayers prior or after food. I truly believe that science and spirituality, as well as the natural and the supernatural, may finally meet.
Our happiness is more contagious than our sadness and by resonating and shining, our energies influence everything around us. The notion of “happiness is in our hands” is not just a wishful thinking or something to say to comfort a troubled friend, but it is a proven reality and the most pleasant attitude one can have towards life, only if we choose it to be.

Oneness IS Happiness

As Sufis and Buddhists believe in Oneness, all living organisms from humans, animals and plants are connected to the universal life forces and are united as one consciousness that we know very little of which we have chosen to call God. We are all made up of cells that are born, breath, reproduce and die. Even the most abundant elements in the universe, Hydrogen and Carbon, are the same that make up our own bodies. We also share the same scrupulous design with other beings; same nervous system, brain, senses, and same digestive and reproductive system.

If all these correlated conformities don’t prove that we come from the one specific place and that we do share our souls with this majestic grand design then I don’t know what else could. I’m not sure why atheists refute the existence of a higher "thing" other than themselves. How can they be so sure, I wonder.

We’re tiny, recycled stardust who have a consciousness that is part a bigger collective consciousness of the Universe. There is something way bigger than us that we feel longing and yearning to when thinking about reuniting with that “source.” It feels like this main source is where we get our energy, knowledge and creativity from.

It's rather strange to believe that during the big bang over 13.7 billion years ago, some unconscious gas cloud have haphazardly and somehow “naturally” resulted in the creation of the writer of those thoughts, without some kind of intervention. Something is not right here, even if you are good in math.

I believe in scientific theories and philosophical reasoning of how the universe came to being as the most plausible scenario as much as I do believe that there was still an initiator who was, and still is, the cause of all causes. I too, chose to call him God. Not as a patriarchal, judgmental figure waiting for us in the sky with a big book; but as an energy or frequency that we can learn to attune to. Again, we know very little and the religious or spiritual interpretations throughout the years have taken many shapes and forms.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
― Nikola Tesla

Many inspirational leaders throughout history were assassinated for being peace advocates. And that is an enough reason to believe that what they have devoted their lives to must be of great value. From Gandhi to JFK and Martin Luther King, to John Lennon, Diane Fossey and many others, they all had one thing in common. They believed in a vision of a better world we could simply reach just by harmoniously getting along as human species.

An organism in war with itself is most definitely doomed. And those who don’t want peace are the few extremely powerful who are leading the masses. Their sole might stems from enormous profits made in war expenditures which until now, I’m sure are by the googol. They also couldn’t care less about our dear planet or its 99%. I never really understood the rationale behind those supreme powers; they kill people who kill other people to show the people that killing is wrong! Isn’t that what it’s been all about lately?

They – and by they I mean the world’s elites who happen to be all members of secret societies – are the decision makers who control the governments, the big corporations, the media, the wars and arms, the stock market and the oil. As George Carlin has truthfully put it: “They got you by the balls.” Perhaps we can’t all change the world, for now, but we are all capable of making a difference by starting from within ourselves.

Once the people are awakened, many great things will follow and by contemplating history, we can get a clear view of what the future holds in its coming road bends. Change is the only constant thing in life and power will always go back to the people; now globally called the 99%. All great civilizations had an expiry date and a societal collapse, from Pharaohs to Romans to Mayans to Greeks to U.S?

For humanity, tangible results might take some time to transpire in real, and our generation might not witness substantial change in this lifetime. But again, we can always start with ourselves by seeking happiness and inner peace. We have to believe in the bigger picture while agreeing that as species, change will always be our chance to evolve and prosper. When we adjust to that shift in paradigm, play an active role in serving humanity and leave our positive mark, we’re not only advancing on a personal level but we’re also allowing our descendants to sow the seeds we’re planting today. By helping ourselves, we are helping them in better dealing with their own future. Once we start thinking like that and have confidence in our grand purpose in life, we will be fairly and blissfully rewarded back in many different and unconceived ways. An earthly Nirvana will be reached: Enlightenment, Illumination, Satori, Soul-liberation, Kairos, Awakening, Revelation.

Grateful and graceful Oneness would be sensed with every new breath as we are being prepared for the real thing – for this is only a sweet taste leaving us wondering how much more beautiful it would get. This positive attitude towards life IS the worthy heritage to be left for all children of tomorrow.

Our planet is 4.5 billion years old and by looking at the asteroid collisions, rifting of Pangaea, tsunamis, volcanoes eruptions, earthquakes, species extinctions, wars, diseases and famines, we realize that they were all seasonal and that during most of its existence, things have been relatively peaceful. Nature will sure outlive us while we physically vanish after this somewhat short earthly visit. I believe we were created with these uniquely designed minds to wonder and ponder about the meticulously and beautifully structured world without ever reaching any saturation in order to keep us humble and always hungry for more. We realize how mammothly minuscule we are by looking at how vast and endless the universe is.

Our Milky Way galaxy that consists of all the planets, the solar system, and the billions of stars is just one of an estimate of 100 billion other galaxies that we know of; there also happen to be approximately 100 billion neurons in the human brain that we know of. Yet, our significant curiosity and given intelligence allowed us to teach ourselves about the mysterious wonders surrounding us, including the internal and external billions of matters. Isn’t that an enough reason to believe that there is really something much bigger out there that we should be looking forward to with utter awe and fascination? I know we came to this life for a reason, a much bigger reason than to just work, make money, consume and end up in a coffin under the ground.

Humans are all born with innate goodness and trust, ideals and dreams, greatness and curiosity and are always inclined to the truth. Feeding these special virtues comes from being truthful to oneself and by following the heart and intuition, they somehow know the way. Just as the plants proved to sense our energies and just as our thoughts proved to control water and rice, let us remember that our existence matter and that our own energy does affect the world we live in, so let’s choose to use it wisely. We are truly part of a much more complex entity that’s watching over us, and we are all connected to our surrounding in a fascinating yet still not fully understood way. Do what you love, enjoy it as you do it a lot, and believe you can inspire others as you share it, the rest is divine work.

Could I be a more deluded?

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  1. i love this! it helps me alot and keeps me wanting to fight the good fight by starting within it inspired me to start writing on the subject and i shred it on my facebook page for truth seekers.

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