Friday, 24 October 2014

Freak Shows of the Past — One

A man with two heads
 A performer with hands and feet deformities. Wonder if he had crabs.
A woman with mammothly enlarged feet and another with no arms

Alice E. Doherty suffered from a birth defect causing uncontrollable hair growth
and was commonly known as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”

Artoria Gibbons, “The Tattooed Woman”— considered a 'freak' by 1919 when she
started performing  

The pinhead Twins Jenny Lee Snow and Elvira Snow: Pip and Flip
Ella Harper, or “The Camel Girl”
Isaac W. Sprague, or “The Living Skeleton”
John Jennings, a world-renowned strongman known as “The Modern Samson”
Lucia Zarate, 18 when this photo was taken, was the smallest person to have
ever lived. She weighed around 4 pounds.
Myrtle Corbin, known as “The Four-Legged Woman”
“The Elastic-Skin Man” — there is always one of them in each of those shows

The Legless Acrobat with his family...looking like a young Mark Twain
Annie Jones is one of the most famous bearded ladies of all time. Cute

Unzie the Albino
Madam Gustika of the Duckbill tribe smoking a pipe with an extended mouthpiece
for her large lips during a show in a N.Y circus on 12 April 1930

A freak show in Rutland, Vermont in 1941

The famous Coney Island on-going freak show


Those sideshow boxers

And finally Koo Koo The Bad Girl who bore an uncanny resemblance to 
Rachel Dratch



Freak Shows of the Past — Two

Bizarre Old Family Pix...Not My Family 

Maman Invisible
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