Saturday, 23 March 2013

The World's Coolest Ice Hotel

Every winter for almost 25 years, artists from around the world meet in a small village in
northern Sweden for a project known as “ICEHOTEL”. Covering 5,500 square meters of
land and constructed from 2000 tonnes of ice and an additional 30,000 tonnes of “snice”
(snow and ice), the hotel is the world's largest of its kind. The property is much more
than rooms and beds; it's a creative art project in which 100 people are involved in the
yearlong construction. Some of the artists are invited to design various rooms of the hotel
to their unique tastes. Enjoy the following photos of this unusual place.


Blue Marine Suite
Absinthe Minded Suite

Cold and Crazy Suite
The Flower Suite
Rain of Memories Suite
Ice Bar  

Beam Me Up Suite
Dragon Residence Suite
Eternity Suite
Nest Suite
Cube Suite

Illuminated Suite
Iceberg Suite
Whitewater suite

Cube Suite


Virgin in Space Suite

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