Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bad Parenting Luckily Caught on Camera

Let me get that extra large Slurpee

At least he's wearing the kid's bag

Love how the baby is in front as much as I love how the guy on the right is already up in the air

Because it's safer

Wait a second... is that T-shirt stained?

She always wanted a doggy 

Some duck celebrating

Ah, Walmart

Yeah keep staring at the camera

"Now you do what the pug just did, sweetie"

The child is the only one not too busy to check the merchandise


Disturbed is the face

 Human sacrifice like it's 1487

Now an elephant will get on top

 So when one gets crushed, there is still the other. Fair and square


Ukrainian parenting at its best

Baby on board

 The kid is pissed she took his beer and cigarette

 Baby loves you already

Larry Bird has faith in bears

Let the good time roll

If you dig this, make sure to also check the sequel: Bad Parenting Luckily Caught on Camera 2.

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