Monday, 13 February 2012

Some Wicked 1s

I do run outdoors whenever i can and i do get thirsty but i don't think i'll ever

 say no to such a genius invention. I can almost picture myself on the Toronto belt line pretending to have a hard on and trying to scare little children and their mothers with my new package.


How much did Gordon Ramsey get in a fat-naked-man Specsavers ad? Does he need to be making more or was it a personal favour? I had to Google Specsavers and found another ad on YouTube with 1.5 million hits (I think it's getting a little too normal these days)

Apart that most of the models look like bulimic volley ball teenagers, I like the idea and not the glasses.

He must have done it before not less than 17 times to get this good. As a kid, I never knew how to cartwheel but I also wasn't too crazy about trying that hard. I think now it's too late but I do go to Wonderland twice a year at least.

 Simply brilliant humour. Wondering if it's part of a show which I really need to find, or is it just five adults deciding to get in a car with a camera for one hell of a pee poop joke. Chapeau anyways, I smiled out loud.

 Not sure what's so attractive here but it sure is fun to watch Mother Nature in her element. 
I believe this was in Michigan. Glad it doesn't happen in Canada often.
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