Sunday, 16 August 2015

Living The Unreal Life

I was speaking to someone recently when I told them that I don't like beer. They said “Yeah, me neither,” as they sipped from a beer bottle. This was weird because I saw them having beer for three days in a row. They even told me they had bought a whole case not so long ago.

This little encounter made me think of all the other times the same had happened. Like for example, another person who told me that, like myself, they don't like going out at night anymore, yet they still do it, and religiously too. Or the other one who always says they love their grey corporate life, yet feels the need to run away from it every couple of months. 

So what’s the story with such people? Is it just to agree with me? If not, then why would they keep doing something they claim they do not like? And more importantly, how can the lying ― or the denial ― be so amateurish? 

Well, I have always had the gift of detecting lying. Now that I’m generally more conscious, the process became even way simpler. It’s actually all about energy ― their vibe; and energy doesn't lie. But the thing is, I have no interest in confronting those who lie to me, so I rarely ever do. Instead, I plainly and unapologetically keep my distance.

The reality is, when the goal is to feel better about their lives and selves, humans often choose to disregard the truth and focus on lies. Our minds, in fact, are full of elaborate excuses and comforting justifications which we attempt to convince ourselves with.

That said, before agreeing ― or disagreeing ― with anyone, one must make sure they are not lying to themselves. Because, when you repeatedly lie to yourself you end up by believing the lies. And once that happens, one gets disconnected from their inner truth, which eventually leads to a barren life. Consequently, and as Fyodor Dostoyevsky clarified in The Brothers Karamazov, “...and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

This, however, is only the case if we do not stop and reflect every once and while; if we do not constantly observe and self-monitor ourselves. 

Lying causes dis-ease; Truth is the cure. So always be who you are and say what you want. Keep it REAL, folks. 
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