Sunday, 26 October 2014

John Wicky

Every purple moon I go to the movies seeking some distraction. Last night there was Ouija playing, I checked it on IMBD but found it rated 4.3. I checked John Wick and it was 8.3. It's also Keanu Reeves and Willem Dafoe so it should be OKish, or so I thought.

This is sort of a spoiler, a deliberate one, so if you still want to watch that 'movie' stop reading.

Alright, the story starts with memories of Keanu's young wife dying. Then he is in a gas station when one of three guys offered to buy his sport car but he refused.

"Everything is for sale, Bitch." (*in Russian)

Next, the three guys break into his cool home, beat the shit out of him, kill the cute puppy his late wife had given him, and steal the car. That's it.

The father of one of the guys is a Russian mafioso who happens to know Keanu from old times. He called him and tried to tell him "not to follow his instincts." But it was too late for Krazy Keanu who flipped and lost it for one full hour. Being an ex-hitman, he was fully loaded. It was like a "Commando going to save his daughter in 1985" sort of thing; utter revenge and non-stop destruction. Though there was no one to save...his car maybe, but I'm not even sure if he got it back.

At some point, I tried to put myself in John Wick's shoes. You know, to see if any of this could be slightly realistic. If someone had done that to Caramella my late Cocker Spaniel — and I loved her more than my unborn kids — would I go hunt them down and kill a few hundred people in the process, I found myself wondering for a brief moment. I know I'm not an ex-hitman and all but three quarter of a second later, I thought NO. Absolutely not. Even though my love for her was notoriously unconditional but I will not carry a bazooka and blow up people and cars in response. Not really my style. But that's just me.

By that time it had been about 70 minutes and I had already dosed off twice. I seriously couldn't take it so I got up and left, wondering what the hell is wrong with the mainstream...and humanity. Is it the people or is it me? Can some find such a shallow, substanceless 'action thriller' story captivating? Apparently it's entertaining to spend two hours of our lives watching some angry guy killing people to avenge his dead dog.

How about Keanu flying to Nepal to heal from his uncontrollable anger and to learn the power of forgiveness. He can meditate on the summit of a mountain and get another pup too. Or that wouldn't sell, huh. Then again, I think the guy can only play those Matrix-like roles — nothing too deep.

So yes I did get distracted this Saturday night but I certainly wasn't impressed nor entertained.

Sorry, Drifters, some of us do care

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