Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Temporarily Diabolical Plan

The plan was very well executed I must say. They scared the people from the Islamists while pretending we're turning into a "real" democracy. Helped them getting all those parliament votes and air the sessions live on T.V networks for all to see while still holding the power to dismantle it anytime they please.

 Amn el Dawla came in handy as they pushed some empty-headed MP's to act ridiculously in public for the last few months which scared the masses even more. Remember the prayer guy, the Tramadol one, the necrophilia law, the internet porn, banning English from schools, the offensive gun toy and of course the star Mostafa Bakry. How everyone clapped when he attacked Baradei and how they went to kiss him after he was acquitted from that committee just prove that they are on 1 side, and it's definitely not ours. All carefully crafted to make the silent majority hate the current situation and blame the revolution accordingly.

 Amn el Dawla also played and still playing a major role in media. Logically speaking, if all the top commanders are the same after the revolution -let alone many of them got promoted and all of them got their salaries doubled and tripled to buy their much-needed loyalty- then what they do will still be the exact same. They probably even do it with a vengeance now because of what happened to them on Jan 28th 2011. Their whole job is to control the masses and the public opinion and they do it pretty well. State-owned newspapers play their part but optimistically, many Egyptians are too politically aware now to believe all their published debauchery.  

 T.V talk shows like Amr Adeeb and others come to complete the master plan. It becomes a little too obvious that something isn't natural when many times he starts his episode with a 20-minute monologue where he is literally screaming to the screen like an angry jealous wife and directing his words, threats and fingers to the Muslim Brotherhood and their Morshed. Is it really necessary to constantly fuel the audience with all this rage, threats and even more segregation when we're in sensitive times and in the midst of a revolution? Can't you just pinpoint their mistakes in a civil manner without all this artificial masquerade?
He is an only slightly more intelligent version of that female doofus of a T.V presenter who was urging the audience to come protect the mighty Egyptian army from "armed and dangerous" Christians at Maspiro. When you keep repeating lies and exaggerations people tend to finally believe them, that's no new tactic and it's known since ancient times. Right wing media have a special place in hell.      

 Then comes the K.O punch with the presidential elections where, again, they pretend they're giving a just chance to everyone as they finally corner us between the Islamist bogeyman and themselves. They even let the voting numbers close to each other to make it more believable and for that when their puppet finally wins, they'll say he won it fairly and squarely. They must have learned that the 92% Mubarak used to get every time is not going to do it anymore.

  Shafik is indeed protected and elected by SCAF to be THE man in preserving the old regime including all the fortunes and Mubarak himself. His voters were seen coming out of public buses paid for by the people's taxes, others were given orders by their bosses who are most likely benefiting from restoring the system. Police recruits were also photographed putting up posters of his campaign on the walls.

 He is as essential for them as the untouchables Omar Soliman and the Attorney General or "el na2eb el 3am," each on a different level. Those are key players who represent a final straw for the survival of the fallen system.
The 35 lawsuits against Shafik have mysteriously disappeared between the office of "El na2eb el 3am" and the office of the head of the military trials as if they are a bunch of rolling papers!
During the presidential elections, he was denied the right to be elected after a court order, then again he magically went back to the race and he is now heading for the win. All under the watchful eye of "the armed system." The same system that rigged Mubarak's elections for decades and is now supposed to suddenly act consciously. Sure.

 Let us all remember that Shafik was the Prime Minister of Egypt halfway through the 18 days, and about the battle of the camel specifically, he 1st claimed that he didn't know about any attacks then he naively stated that he thought they were going there to dance. Well, if the P.M of a country in the midst of a violent uprising doesn't know about thousands of paid armed thugs on horses and camels heading to attack a million anti-government protesters, then he might as well forget about politics altogether, be glad he's not in jail for his clear lack of responsibility towards the people -alive and dead- and enjoy his last few years. If he knew, then ... .

 The one optimistic aspect we get from all this is the sudden birth of diversity in Egypt. Whoever is winning and however he will do it, he still has 2 other and different 25% to deal with as opposition for the coming years, and that itself in my opinion is the greatest gain from the revolution, until now. Also, most people are capable of passionately defending their own choice in the presidential elections which means we are finally starting to accept our differences on the road to peacefully coexisting. Slowly but surely, the revolution has definitely succeeded but it's also still on, glory to the martyrs who got us to this day.

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. All you have to do is tell them that they are in danger of being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country".
- Hermann Goering - German Nazi marshal & politician (1893 - 1946)
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