Friday, 6 January 2012

The Mysterious World of Crop Circles [with Video]

If you believe that all those formations are man-made then maybe you should try and convince me. I watched documentaries, read a few publications and gave it a real deep end thought, and my conclusion is that most crop circles are definitely not the work of humans, especially those ridiculously complicated ones. I also think that they don't get enough publicity in conventional media because of their shocking realness.

Crop circles are also called crop formations, because they are not always circular in shape and they started making appearances in the 1970s with 90% in Southern England alone. Almost 30 countries have reported about 10,000 of them since then according to Wikipedia. It amazes me how a phenomenon so mysteriously widespread still has no definite explanation "by our planet enlightened scientists." There are also no certified proofs about their origin, knowing that the topic has been in the light for nearly 4 decades. Some videos have captured flying objects above the fields, usually at night before the formations are seen the next morning. No official reports were ever clear enough by governments, ministries of defense or intelligence agencies even after countless investigations and research projects. Something is fishy.

This leads me to believe that the knowledge is indeed there but is not shared, same as with UFO's. By getting real, saving the public from being frightened if they found the truth is such a lame excuse for all this top secrecy, and it reveals that whatever is there to hide must be of great value and that's obviously the reason why it's not being shared.

Now I'll look at matters by wearing different shoes. Yeah some have a 3rd eye in their feet. Let us imagine that a few centuries-old secret societies such as The Free Masons or The Illuminati own some dangerous knowledge granting them extreme power and superiority, do you think they will ever be vocal about it or share such controversial and booming news? That would simply defy the very nature of their own secretive nature. Also, when you are already acquiring some of this power, wouldn't you use all your might to defend what you have already gained and most likely still be wanting more? That's just basic logical reasoning without any sort of judgment.         

Prescott Bush (1895 - 1972) who is George Dubya's grandfather, served as a business partner of, and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against him and his partners. After the seizures of the various businesses they oversaw along the German partners, the U.S. government quietly settled with Bush and the others after the war; they each received $1.5 million in cash as compensation for their confiscated business assets! Yeah, you betray your own country and fund the enemy for astronomical gains while killing millions of young innocent men in a world war and still get even more money after your government decides that enough is enough. That is mesmerizingly diabolic, and it gets even more exciting.

In 1952, grand dad Prescott was surprisingly elected to the U.S. Senate, with no press accounts about his well-concealed Nazi past. A few decades later, after serving a few high posts including Director of the CIA, his son George Herbert Walker Bush becomes the president of the greatest nation on earth, again with zero talk about papa's betrayal to the nation or to humanity. Then when things couldn't get more bizarre and 2 terms later, Senior's doofus son, W, becomes president # 43. There was still no record of any U.S. press coverage of the Nazi connection during any political campaigns conducted by George Herbert Walker Bush, Jeb Bush, or George W. Bush. Now how did that happen if you don't have serious control over pretty much everything?

For six decades these historical facts have gone unreported by the mainstream U.S. media. The essential facts have appeared on the Internet and in relatively obscure books, but were obviously dismissed by the media and the Bush family. The same story that has also escaped the attention of all official Bush biographers, Presidential historians and publishers of U.S. history books covering World War II and the following era.

The Rothschild, The Rockefeller and The Bush families along with most of the world's Royalty share some blue blood as they share being prominent members of the The Free Masons and The Illuminati. With little research, anyone can find out how these secret societies operate by offering sacrifices; humans and animals. They believe they receive the power of those departed souls which "enter" them upon their death. They also believe in opening portals between dimensions and practice ancient occultist rituals to reach a New World Order, of course with them as its leaders. Freaky stuff but it must somehow work for them, at least until now or they wouldn't be religiously involved for centuries. Since those 1 percenters are the world's richest and most powerful, they do have mammoth global control over the world and its events. The media, the banks, the movies, the arms, the advertisements, the drugs and the wars are all within their gigantic hands. Politics is just a game to be played on the facade to fool the people and feed them what they think should be fed.

The reason why I'm linking the secret societies with crop circles is to show that there are those  who work behind closed doors, filtering what to be made public, how and when. By 1992, the British government has reportedly pushed 2 pranksters, Doug and Dave, into confessing that they were the ones behind all crop circles since 1978, using simple tools that consist of a plank of wood, rope, and a baseball cap fitted with a loop of wire for walking in a straight line! They tried to discredit the whole phenomenon with all its mystery and beauty but the public did not buy it and the formations continued to appear around different parts of the world. In fact, After 1990 the designs developed exponentially in complexity, and today it is not unusual to come across crop glyphs mimicking binary codes, computer fractals and elements expressing fourth dimensional processes in quantum physics. Crop circles have also increased in size, some occupying areas as large as 200,000 sq. ft.
And even if the pranks were real, a hoax is a forgery and forgers require a genuine from which to copy. So, who's behind the originals? Again, officials trying to distort the facts, but why?

Decoding the meaning of crop circles and some of the other controversial topics must have already took place years ago, the alarming part is the secrecy behind it which entails that something big must be going on in their favor. It would simply be impossible to cover all the details on here, but I thought that shedding some light on the whole topic would be beneficial, only for those who choose to open their eyes and digest the bigger picture. As for the others who just like to blindly follow as sheople, you are doing exactly what they want you to. Wake up!

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  1. WAOW! So interesting. The worst/most concerning part is what do those who hold any information regarding crop circles really have to lose by informing the public. Why do they play the public as if we are a mass of fools. They must think that it would challenge some of the power they hold...But at the same time, their power is secret, so it doesnt add up. "Now ask yourself what on earth could make something so complex and precise in such a short amount of time" (from Aliens make crop circles) well, I agree. ALIENS ALIENS ALIENS. The government trying to pin this on 2 individuals is just plain insulting to the intelligence the human race possesses as a whole. Well written article. So informative!

  2. I love having someone reading my words, and for that I thank you P.W. The subject is very interesting indeed, and i will follow up with secret societies in the near future. There is so much to learn and it's for everyone to connect the dot and see for themselves, just like those kiddies games we used to play. My humble mission that I enjoy so much is to uncover the facts.