Thursday, 16 June 2011


Writing has always been a great, therapeutic way to simply express myself, and whatever emotions I'm usually feeling before and maybe also throughout the writing process are gracefully exchanged with a peaceful easy feeling right afterward, so starting my own blog today shouldn't be such a bad idea. During the aftermath of the 25th January Egyptian revolution, I realized that a blogger became a job and a sort of identification to many people nowadays, including Egypt itself, "modawen" meaning blogger in Arabic, is recently heard in the media, even some bloggers got jailed for simply writing their minds! When and where are we?1950's Russia? I'm actually not too surprised since the people behind this freedom of speech violation were the same breed of the ones who tailored such a black spot-event like the "battle of the Camel" on Feb 2nd in Tahrir square. Same old school, same failures.

I'm still not too sure about where this blog will be heading, but I know that the timing is one of the main advantages, after all, I left Egypt to Canada last year and i'm almost all alone except very few people and the time to think, reflect and write are all I have at the moment. Whether the writing will be about nature, recent adventures, politics - not too much as I still believe it's a dirty game, - travels or just rambling of a semi-controlled coucou-minded person holding the key to his cage's lock. Yes, that's how I see myself sometimes. As well as an Eclectic Sapiosexual Philomath Lexophile Hedonist.

If you're constantly looking at the bright side of the world and don't take life too seriously then this IS your cup o' tea and I'm sure this blog will always be interesting, either with educational content or entertaining pieces; such as bizarre videos and pictures from the Weird Wide World of the internet that I stumble upon almost all the time. I Wonder if Al Gore knew that someday his claimed baby will be used in such filthy ways, and if Mark Zuckerberg had any idea that a Facebook event can someday cause an uprising of a revolution in a 3rd world country. I also wonder why do men have nipples and that in case you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right? Ok, you got the point, lots of genius questions to ponder.

As the famous Puerto Rican saying goes (we never hear that nowadays): sharing is caring, I will add whatever I find worth sharing and hope the outcome will be one hell of a cool blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. looking forward to this already! ponder on ;)
    - eagerly following OLS